A/N: i know i said i wasn't going to write again, but that was just me lying and overreacting. i was also in a bad mood. my mom called me to mow the lawn. i mean, ugh, what am i? her slave? anyway, the average critic seems to think i need to lay off the rhyming, and i've thought about it, and i finally concur. this is me experimenting with a free verse.

round and round in circle

fucking shit.

oh, sorry if i offend you. i don't usually cuss.

it's not because i'm a goody two shoes

(to the contrary, i'm quite rebellious,

spiky bracelets and all),

but i just don't know how else to say that

i'm really really mad and pissed off right now.


i guess i could have written


in all capital letters and end it with

extra exclamation points.

but that would be really childish,

even for my age

so i didn't, and i did

what other normal teenagers would do.

fucking shit.




go to hell.


it's not for nothing

i called myself


i'm not merely humbling myself,

i just really don't know anything about poetry.

i'm already chopping off

my sentences to have

a stanza instead of a paragraph

but what to do next

i have no idea.


i don't know how to make my own style.

to be original, that is.

every style has been

taken nowadays.

maybe i should randomly start

caPITaliZIng lEtTers in My

SENTenCes fOr NO rEal reASOn.

maybe i should be like the !Kung and

!do !this !to !express !premature !surprise.

or ?do ?this ?to ?begin ?questioning

?before ?i ?know ?what ?i ?want ?to ?ask.

or hey! maybe i can spell every

word rong. or write it drawkcab.

or insert a number in a word

but that has been done.

or just to be cute i'll randomly

say keplak and pletok. and if i

had the program, i'd impress

everyone with popping hanzi

here and there.


but yeah, i'm not really

going anywhere. i'm just going

round and round in a circle

without any point.

round and round in a circle.

and i think i'm repeating

and repeating

and repeating

and contradicting myself

by not repeating

and not repeating.


but i've learned from experience

that if you're just being confusing

while sounding somewhat

philosophical, you can come off as profound.

somehow. i think i'm just ranting,

but I guess ranting a form of

expression and we are free

to express ourselves here in

a poem. i think this is a poem, don't

you? it barely has any

structure and content, but

since i call it a poem, a poem it is.