I have tired all poetic sense

I am tired of pondering my problems

And every possible solution





Watching adults throw tantrums about my maturity

I'm tired of girls

One in particular

Of whether I can blame her for what I am

I'm tired of not wanting what is offered

While she takes everything but me

I'm tired of the male who was interested

And got her

How she holds him on a short leash

While he begs for three seconds of attention

And is deemed a worthy soul mate

For simply being male

And having a car

I'm tired of hearing about fairytale love

Between fuck buddies who hold hands at prom

I'm tired of knowing I only have to ask

And wondering if I would take her in a second

If I had a fair excuse

I'm tired of the boy who did

And lived to tell about it

I'm tired of falling asleep

Waking up more tired than before

I'm tired of seeing her when she isn't there

I'm tired of her

I'm sick of believing that I love her