I turn on a CD I don't really like

I let the screaming speak for me

You need

Man kisses and a night reeking of boy

You'll have to push me aside

Until you're in the mood for girl again

For a while, I thought you needed me

I didn't know why you wanted me

But didn't care, as long as you wanted me

I just want to be remembered

I love the strange, abstractly beautiful things about you

No one seems to notice

What's there when you're not who you try to be

Perhaps you think the same of me

But who would look better on your arm

Come Thanksgiving dinner with your family

Fairytales have no room for girls

Even the cute one that you love on odd numbered days

Can't beat an older guy

Who's nice enough to shake hands with your father

And compliment your mother's new dress

Before making you his whore