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X ∙ Skylines

Earth stands in the middle of two extremes, two lands unknown to us humans; Eden and Helos. Two lands, battling endlessly for thousands of years, creating balance, and yet, destroying harmony. Human beings, for years, felt safe on their boundaries, the security offered by our mother earth. We live in our daily lives, doing the same things over and over again, ignorant of the ongoing wars outside of our solitary boundary. But, what if those two lands decided to take another step, another step that will cause the Earth, the peaceful Earth to be involved? What would happen to us all? Eden and Helos deciding to reveal itself to us, will it result to peace, or to the feared end?

Even the greatest of all psychics and gypsies, the astronomers, the wise, the monks and all others, for once never saw these two hidden paradise, or their coming to Earth. No written records could be found even if we dig and search to the darkest deepest pits of land there is, as you see, this land is suppose to stay hidden from us. But in difficult circumstances, these two worlds would do everything; even defy rules, just to attain what they have to attain. And so… three worlds clash…

Helos ∙X∙ tribunal ceremony

"Sukisyo!!! Cometh forward, we bring good news from the Lord, the Great Helios…" A tall man in velvet cloak appeared behind the shadow, his face, hidden under the hood. The whole place was dimly lighted, the only source of light being the torches that hung over the walls of the council. The place was made out of onyx, the color of their master, mixed with hints of ruby stones that decorate the whole place. There are gargoyles, the ugliest creatures there is to have lived (for you see, they are petrified) hanging on top of the poles, serving as territory marks and honoring marks for their deeply asleep master.

The man in cloak approached the council and bowed down before who seems to be the elder. The elder leaned closer to him, revealing his gloomy face, as the light hit the contours, detailing every lines and the sadness evident to the old man. He rose to his seat and raised his arms wide spread as he started to talk. "Arise people of Helos! the time has come…" He took in a deep breath before starting again. " We have found the maiden… our beloved mother… Lady Yukiru as she now rests peacefully inside this human girl… Minata!" He stopped and sighed, a heavy sigh, and started to pace. The people were all watching the Elder, waiting for what he has to say. They watched every movement he made and noted every sigh he did. Finally, the tall man in cloak broke the silence. "Elder Riha, it will be my honor to serve Lord Helios, and so I volunteer to retrieve this human and unite her with our Lord!" All eyes turned to this single figure, to this figure whom all Helos people grew to know and to honor. He is one of the brave knights of Helos, the young, the wise, the honorable Sukisyo Mori.

"are you sure about your decision Sukisyo? We are not dealing with just the Edans, we are dealing with our mother, our lost Lady Yukiru!" "It will be my greatest honor, and it will prove my undying loyalty to our Father" "very well then! People of Helos… here we have our brave Sukisyo to bring back our mother to us! Bid him luck" The crowd bowed down and chanted, a good luck chant offered towards their new hero, Sukisyo. Sukisyo bowed down before the council and walked off the council, with his head high up, showing pride and excitement.

Eden ∙X∙ meeting of the Great Seven

"and so we have found her!... Lady Yukiru… Minata Takamiya" "yes, yes, it is definitely her!" "we should be extra careful! Sure there is the resemblance, but to assume is risky!" This is the meeting of the Great Seven, the seven head council of Eden. They are the ones who ensure the peace and harmony within their paradise. They are consisted of elders, except for one that is known as Sai. Sai Remiza is a magic practitioner, wise beyond his years. Very young but was considered a place to the council due to his intellect and wise decision. He is also considered as a knight, fighting in the front of his army whenever Eden and Helos comes into contact. Sai is a tall man, with dark blue long hair tied up. His eyes, oceanic blue matching his gentle looks and perfect smile. He is looked up to by the people of Eden. He is a respected man, dedicating his life in order to attain peace.

"Sai! I know this is so much for us to ask you, but we need you to go to earth and confirm this. We also heard news that Helos is on the move!" Sai paused for a while and smiled looking to the head of the council. "ofcourse, anything for the sake of Eden!" before they could bid him farewell, he disappeared from his station with a message taped on his table see you! and wish me luck! "sometimes, I forget how old Sai really is!" the other council member retorted " I think he is just far too young to be in this council! Magic is not a practice for fun!" "enough! All council dismiss" all the council members rose up from their seats and turned towards the door, leaving the whole meeting area deserted. After the area was all quiet, a figure came out of the other door, opposite to that where the council members exited. A girl, about a year younger than Sai appeared. She was wearing a white gown showing that she is nobility. She approached one of the seats and sat on them, put her arms on the table, and tapped the floor lightly. She sighed. "so is see! Lady Yukiru has been found! This is good news!" she smiled, almost a smirk and nodded to herself. Within a second, she was nowhere in sight, just a bunch of smoke to be seen.