S o p h i a

I'm tripping on her hemlines - big sister with all the luck

and all the love - she's golden fixation, transportation,

relax and slit your own wrists this time. Bite the memories

back when they sting. Golden S o p h i a with hands that feel

rather then touch - everything - she says love is a pleasure. A

dream that she sleeps in on; vanilla latte's - taste it so deep

that it seeps into you. She sleeps the hours away with lovers

made of clay dust and manipulation (bullet-proof heartbreaks) -

they all come straight from the earth - like Pagan gypsies.

Like unfit bullshit. Moans slip through the walls like electricity

in a lightning storm. S o p h i a, they all say, c o m e o u t a n d p l a y.