Glorified in the many eyes of my mind,

Patronized by the very essence of darkness,

I sacrifice all I have to give,

Until I'm dead,

Because this life is not for me to live.

Beneath the colossal remains,

Of a life long forgotten,

Behind the gates of a mansion never trespassed,

Avenged by the devil, scavenged by the beast,

Lies my tripartite soul,

Massacred by deceit.

Cry out to the world in despair,

As I'm being eaten from the inside,

Reach out to the mirage of a shore,

As I drown in this Ocean of Fleece.

In a soap bubble I may live,

Waiting to be restored to my fullest potential,

Behind closed doors I recede,

Resisting Fate's temptation,

For but a dead soul I am,

Awaiting divine resurrection.

So may the forces of nature conspire against the damned,

And condemn them to the angst of Harlem,

May they rot in that abyss of misery,

And may darkness bind them.

Because night will come

And I will follow,

For my victims,

No tomorrow.