Many a mountain he did climb,

Across seven seas he swam,

A thorn-filled path he did tread,

To where no man was alive, nor dead.

Upon his sight did the Devil hear,

The chilling resonance of a death knell,

And in his eyes did the Devil see,

Sepulchral shadows from hell.

The Devil realized, where it all came to,

He saw what was there to be seen,

The man came, he saw, he conquered,

Where no man had lived, no man had been.

The man struck the devil's sternum,

A cry of his triumph followed,

He waited for the devil to fall,

All pride lost, soul hollowed.

The man then realized why the Devil didn't fall,

He realized they shared the same fate,

Disillusioned the man was,

He knew the devil's was the same state.

The Devil did to him,

Further what a devil did to the Devil.

He knew then what the world came to be,

Because not unlike his life was the Devil's life in hell,

He himself was now a devil as well,

He pondered as to what the Devil's life had been,

What goes around comes around he thought,

The Principle of Karma is evergreen.