Diary Of A Cutter

This Is The Diary Of A Cutter,

She Cut Herself Day And Night,

It Helped To Ease The Pain,

But Her Wound Never Totally Healed,

And She Went Back For More.

Each Cut Tells It's Story,

Through Blood Not Words,

All You Have To Do,

Is Learn To Read Them,

Listen To What They Say.

I Am That Cutter,

And No One Can See That,

Everyone Thinks I'm Happy,

But That's My Other Half,

My Real Half Is Depressed.

This Cut Up Here Was From When I Got Upset,

The Cut Below That Was From When I Missed My Dad,

The Next Cut Was From When I Got Angry,

And The Last Was From When I Got Scared,

They All Tell Their Story Though The Blood That Flows.

That Was Only The First Section,

The Next Get A Whole Lot Worse,

They're From The Things That I Cannot Bear,

When My Whole World Falls Apart,

And I Don't Think I'll Survive.

Why Can No One See,

What I'm Going Though?

My Life Isn't Easy To Live,

And No One Understands,

Because No One Can See.

So That Is My Diary,

I Am That Cutter,

You Have To Understand Me,

And See It Through My Eyes,

Why I Do What I Do.