When they did tear me in two
And the pages slipped out
Onto the cold, frigid ground
And my words were mixed with mud
And stuck to peoples' shoes;
Then I could breathe and rearrange my letters,
So that every page spelled "thank you thank you thank you."

He was small and twisted shriveled
He was quiet and a kid.

They left him for a quiet thanksgiving dinner.
With wet cold mud on their trousers they walked in a group
And left the priest to wonder. And I was there and saw it.
I made it through alright. I'll be dissected.

He was talking of heaven when
She felt them bore into her hands.
Pages pages words and pain so
She was strong to last so long.

And when the thing was out of sight
She turned her back.
She dropped her head.
Her hands began to quiver like her lips.
And she could feel them searing.

Dear Diary Dear Diary
Again and again.
Hundreds of pages of this moment.
Thousands of years of wondering wondering
Time was slowing down.
The kiss went unnoticed. The love went unseen.
Burdens are shouldered alone and he didn't need you.

But explosion rocked the field
And I was free to love again.
The vicious romance
Is the thing for me. I'll love again.
I'll love again.

And the pieces on the bottom of her shoe said
"thank you thank you thank you"
The first day we met.
And I loved her.