About seventeen years ago an elf child called Celestros StarChild was born in the village of Moonbay. This Village was on a prodigious lake. Every full moon the make would light up like the night sky with myriad stars. That's why it got its name. After she was born, her parents left the very next day. They entrusted her in the care of her grandfather Growero. Growero is the village medicine man and a very powerful white mage. The elf people loved children the greatest honor and responsibility. During the time Celestros grew up she had no friends because elven parents discouraged their children to play with her because she studied red magic. Most elves thought of it as strange that if one studied both white magic and black magic. So why not just become evil and join the dark gods armies. The elves just studied white magic and nothing more. Celestros becomes a priestess by age 10 Celestros peers at the temple dubbed her crimson priestess of shadows. She hated the name and the way she was treated. but she knew she had to do it. This is when the tale takes place. The summer had died and fall hasn't been born yet. Celestros was leading the fall spirits festial.This festval celebrates fall and the coming seasons. It is also used to ward off evil spirits that "change the leaves colors" The leaves were all an handsome bloody crimson. It was evening. The sun melted the sky handsome pastel colors. Celestros was wearing a long velvet red mage dress with long sleeves and a long skirt. Her long brown hair and dark emerald green eyes. She was a very frail lady of a mere seventeen. Elves were playing wooden flutes, dancing, lighting candles and singing. Very happy celebration. Every elf there was wearing warm autumn colors orange, sunny yellows and red.

The trees sway in the wind.

The sun the eye in the sky.

The sun dives in the autumn twilight.

In the heaven it watches us.

Summer fades like words in the distance.

Autumn grows near.

Nature charges.

Days grow short.

Nights grow long.

The moon gets bright.

Sleep my friend.

The trees will tuck you in.

The stars will guild your spirit.

Dream dream the night away.

After the festival was finally over she walked back to her house of the edge of Moonbay village. Growero was right by the door. This elf was six feet tall. Very skinny. With long silver hair and light blue eyes. Dressed all in white mage robes.(that were indead white!) For someone five hundred he looked not even a day pasted forty. A deep frown married his face. Celestros was alerted.

"Grandfather grandfather!!!" she cried " What's wrong!!"

"Cele the disks of destiny they came on our door step. Why how could this happen. These disks were looked up in the palace of the foreign country of Xenthos. I mean Xenothos castle. A pretty place made of crystal. I know this sounds strange go to Princess Chandra."

"But why Chandra she is of an ancient alien races. That's what the people of Xenthos really are."

"Cele you are right. You need to go the our neighboring Xenthos. Princess Chandra will know what to it. Yes I keep saying this ever since you came in from the Fall Spirits festival. Before you leave in the morning Celestros, I'll make you take my the family sword, some herbs, some of my best cooking, spell books, and a spare change of clothing. By the way, a soldier by the name of Vena will be protecting you and leading you in the forest of Shispyki. She is called elf friend."

"No duh we are elves." said Celestros pointing out the obvious with a giggle

"You silly elf. Vena is a Xenthosen of the ancient race. She knew about these disk.''

"Grandfather where is Vena?" Questioned the teenage elf

"She's at an inn for the night. She'll be here before sunrise. Those Xenothsens always waking up early."

"Whatever. I'm going to sleep it has been a long day." with that Celestros walked into her bedroom. It was very small. It plainly just had a bed for sleeping and some dirty clothes on the floor. Celestros slipped into her white night gown. She didn't even bother to pack for her long journey ahead of her. She instantly knew her grandfather would pack her bags for her along with food and other essentials. The female elf relaxed into her straw bed. It took her awhile to sleep because of the excitement of her destiny.

Celestros mind faded into a dream. Standing in some dark and dreary room that was painted plan gray it must have been some sort of castle Celestros stood in an astral state. At a desk in the center of the room this man with spiked silver hair was laughing. His skin was pale he had the most deepest blue eyes Celestros had laid eyes on. He was clothed in odd black mage clothes. A black leather jacket and black leather paints. He had an odd assortment of spiked silver jewelry. Very tall man 6 feet tall. Another man that appeared to be a Xenothosen with short brown hair and eyes as black as black holes walked in the office. He salutes the silver hair man.

"Sir this is time the disk of destiny is no longer guarded by those foolish Xenothosens. They lost them somehow. I sent out an army to retrieve them."

"Excellent Arlon. So I see you broke away from your race."

"Well I had to my people may be strong but are more brawn's than brains.

"Oh, I was just thinking would the elves stop us or something. I mean they can sense evil." said the silver haired black mage

"I highly doubt it. Those elves only practice that prissy white magic. White magic is used to help people never used to smite people." said Arlon

"We should just do what the gods tell us to do." After the silver haired mage said his commet.

The dream faded and Celestros awoke in a cold sweet. It was still very early about three o'clock in the morning. The sun hasn't risen yet. Birds were lightly chirping. Getting out from out of the covers, Celestros decided to wash her face and her body .She dressed in her red mage dress and robes. They were blood red made of pure velvet. After she was dressed, Celestros had some apples, grapes, stawberries, cherrys,and honey breed for breakfast. Celestros never really ate that much like most elves ,but this morning since she was going a a journey no wounder why she was ravenously hungry. While she ate she thought about that odd silver haired black mage. He wasn't an elf because his ears were rounded not pointed. That mage also didn't fall into the Xenothsen category because most Xenothosens had reddish brown hair and the deepest black eyes you would ever see. The more Celestros thought about this handsome mage the more she wanted to meet him or kill him. I mean no one really heard about the disk right. For crying out loud Celestros thought what am I doing reading some of the myriad fantasy books that I read. I mean disk of destiny, an evil black mage, some crazy journey to who knows where,an evil army, gods knows more cliches like in some make-believe fantasy tale with warrior princesses,dragons,magical items,so many things that can make you head spin. A gental knock came to the door. Awaking from her reveries,Celestros walked slowly like she's very tired to the door. A young lady at the age of seventeen was at the door. Her hair was dark brownish red, it came over her broad muscline shoulders, she was only was a mere five feet tall, clothed in light red armor of her people. Vena had very pale skin. Her eyes appeared dark brown,but they were black. The girls were studing each others appearances before they spoke. Vena's face was stoic. Celestros looked calm.

"I'm Vena elf friend. I'll be going with you on a journey though the lands of my people. Shispyki is very dangerous and periless"

"Um that's nice Vena. So please let's get going" said Celestros impatiently.

"Celest don't you want to say good bye to your village.?" Vena asked

"No these people they treated me really badly. I hate them."She said with great malice

"How can you hate your kin?" Vena questioned.

"It's a very long story I'll tell you later on this long journey. So let's finally leave I want to leave. I've been so excited all morning. Vena I'm glad that we meet. I wish to leave Moonbay village unnoticed." The pure elf motioned towards her backpack and red cloak.

"Let's leave now."agreed Vena.

Celestros put on her red cloak and her backpack. The girls took big, fast steps to get out of the village. Since the elves were earily morning people a few saw them travel. Moonbay village was a giantic it took the girl's forty five minutes to pass the village. After they past the village limits there was a long winding path to Shispyki. The forest was very thick and it had lots of vegetation. With big fast steps it took them another forty five minutes to reach the padameter of Shispyki.

"Wow what a big forest. I maybe an elf ,but I never have been in a large forest." gasped Celestros.

" I though all elves lived in forests. I mean you are seventeen Celestros Seventeen!!" exclaimed the Xenthosen female

"You can't stereotype people just because of their race. I bet 10 gold pieces that some dwaves don't have beards."

"Cele you are todally on." the Xenthosen balled her fiest.

They kept on walking in the endless forest. The air was dank and hard to breathe. Celestros desided to take off her robes. Underneath was a cool blue tunic and matching leggings. The sun was 70 degrees in the sky. Oddly enough the forest was getting warm. Celestros and her newly aquired friend Vena stopped for some lunch and to rest before making theirlong journey to see Princess Chandra.