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Chapter IV Finally There

The elf and dwarf ate a very simple and plain breakfast. They both covered over half of Shiphyki more like three fourths. The next village ahead is Laurna another small elven village. Most elves just lived in small forest communities. Since Vena was absent in the small party, Celestros is hoping to get information to get to Zenthos. What is that country like? How were their customs and people? Maybe she might treat herself to a new outfit ,since the bluish gray tunic and legs along with her red mage robes are the only clothing the maiden took with her on this journey.

"You know what when we get to the next city, I think it's Laurna, I'm going to buy this pretty outfit. A short green skirt with a forest green tunic and a leather brown belt and some long brown boots,'' chatted the talkative Celestros.

"Bah! Lass you are going to look like a tree. Now all you are goin' to need are branches and darker skin. When we get to Laurna I like to do is refill my ale tankard' the dwarf was interrupted by Celestros.

"GROSS!!!! Who wants to drink that stuff anyways???" Celestros made a grotesque face while flailing her arms.

"Us dwarves love ale. One thing ,Celestros, it's so very rude to interrupted your friend when they are speaking. I thought elves knew better,'' grumbled the dwarf

"Because I don't know any better. I only lived with my grandfather my whole life. I'm still young enough to live with my parents , if I ever find them. They probably died or something. I just barely lived life according by elf standards. Elves live for eons and eons and eons."

"About your clothes that you will buy, why not something for winter. After all we are on a journey for who knows when," steamed Camus.

"Gee, winter isn't until six more months. It's not summer nor fall. I think I'm just fine. And ,Cadmus, where do you think we are at anyways?" Celestros questioned.

"You fool!!! I thought you knew after all don't have elf vision. How can it we be in between seasons? Sometimes I just wounder about elves." sighed Cadmus.

"You know what? It's about high noon so we should have some lunch of some sort,'' Celestros reminded.

"But, you never answered my question," huffed the dwarf, "about how can it be between seasons."

"Dwarves wouldn't understand ,because they live in the mountains. They cannot appreciate true beauty," sung the young elf.

" I take that answer as a no. So lets have some lunch ,then after lunch we can have a sword lesion. Remember I wouldn't go easy on you , since you know healing magic; a rare gift indeed!" Cadmus commanded in a military like manner.

The duo set up a small lunch. Again it was the small things; meat, bread, cheese ,and some fruit. Washed down with water or ale. They rested for a while then began the lesion. Cadmus didn't want to use wooden practice swords ,which made Celestros all whiny. He wanted to use the real thing ,because his instincts told him that his elven red mage friend will be fighting in quite a few epic battles coming up. After all she is a red mage ,right? She was quite timid of the idea of using real steal blades. After many hard minutes of bribery the elf maiden finally forfeited and the lesion began. Blades both raised in the air. Cadmus was striking Celestros. She dodged and counted the blow. Swords clanged. Sparks began to fly. The elf and dwarf were starring into each others eyes while they practiced. The elf was losing constriction. The dragoon was taking note of this.

"Lass, focus! I'm your enemy and I want to kill thee. This might be a life or death battle." The maiden didn't say anything she just kept at it. Swing her sword around to strike Cadmus, the red mage missed him and the dwarf jumped out from under.

"You must do better than that. There are people that are expert swords men. Frankly, I'm not one of them." Out of breath, the elf couldn't muster up the breath to utter a sound.

"Never leave yourself open," he gestured to the open area around her. "There is so much room around you. Your sword should be in your middle and your elbows are at your ribs. Just in case if you lose your grip and drop your sword. You can always go into a fighter's stance and use your fist."

Celestros finally recovered her breath, "isn't dangerous to fight unarmed with someone with a sword?" Celestros questioned in between breaths.

"It is you are correct ,but only in a dire situation. Now we should stop and rest for the day. This area shall be our camp." The methodical ring of sword being put back into their sheaths filled the air. However, they suffered from no significant wounds. If they did Celestros could heal them with white magic. Having a smile form across his bearded face, Cadmus, put a brawny hard on his friend's small shoulder. "You did very good today. I'm proud of you." Such simple words brought crystal tears to the elf maid's emerald eyes. They said a silent thank you.

Both party members walked off and did their own things; Cadmus polishing his weapons and Celestros studying her spells. After a while of doing their activities, Cadmus was beginning to get very bored. He polished and cleaned every weapon they possessed. Also, he was wondering about going hunting later just for the sport. Being finished with her magic studies for today, Celestros got out the disk of destiny. It appeared a little different than last seen. Some silver was garnished a soft gray color ,but only in a few areas. The bearer of the disk was wondering what could this mean and why is this happening. Only Princess Chandra could tell her that. The dwarven warrior came over to Celestros for a nice conversation. Just like a child got into mischief and didn't want her parents seeing what she had done wrong ,she immediately put the disk back in the red velvet case. With haste she hid then behind her back. That really got her heart beating. What a close call! The red mage whipped out her spell book and flipped to any page. With great acting skills she articulated her lips without any incantations.

"Hey aren't you bored? I think I gave you a lesson too early. Maybe we won't set up camp here tonight. It will be better if we travel someone and make it to Laurna by tomorrow in the noon ,perhaps?" She took her attention away from the book and meet the glaze of the flinty eyes.

"Yes, I'm very bored as you can plainly see. Even reading an old spell book is tiresome ,because it smells like ancient paper. Let's once again move out."

"Before we do. Please don't talk the whole way there. It will be okay if more people join are party like that friend,Vena, of yours or any others that are interesting colorful folk. But sometimes you get on my nerves with your incessant chatter."

"What do you mean? I don't talk that much." The red mage was seething.

"Yes, you do. Ever since I meet you a few days ago, all you have been doing is talking. Let's just move out and move silently, alright?" Cadmus' black eyebrow raised with the question. The time of day was mid-afternoon. The sun was moving towards the western sky. Of course the weather was warm like any late summer day. It seemed like now the forest is getting less dense of trees. More wide open forest glades. These trees that the duo were seeing haven't changed color yet. They were still juniper green s rich with life. At least there was a trail out of these woods. A slender dirt path that wound around the trees like a long slithering serpent. This is much better than maneuvering around trees for hours. Most of the time walking through elvish forests, one would get cuts and scrapes from the trees being so close together. There was just no way to get around them not unless you were a fae. In the country of the light elves, Vaneala, it was rare to see a Fae even though the Mystic Forest of the Faes is within Vaneala just to the far east. Faes were a type of light elf with wings and much shorter in stature too. They are mostly gold in color,some blue, pink, purple, and other pastel colors. Faes and elves are kin they just went different paths in evolution. They have been walking for two hours now. Twilight hours now dawned. Now they are on the outskirts of Shispyki. Instead of trees there was a just open plains. Still they could not see the small elvish village from this distance. Finally breaking the silence, Celestros spoke up,"hey do you think we should get something to eat. Because I'm hungry," whined the elven red mage.

"It'll only be a few minutes 'till we get into town. Inns normally have good food. So yes, wait."

"Finally out of that smelly forest. We're like in there for like three days," the elf cheered.

"Once again I thought elves loved forests. And yet we never saw one elf."

"Silly, Cadmus, it's like almost fall. No elf really ventures out in autumn." They continued their trek across the the plains. Then the plains turned into gental rolling hills. They seemed to be steeper and steeper as they went on. Finally last hill. There it is. Laurna! They glazed down at the city. The village appeared small and quaint. It seemed just like most elves cities, made from semi-precious stones like rose quarts and marble. This elven community didn't use trees to build their homes like some do. Being late hours of the day ,there was no one on the streets. So they had to search for the inn. Shops weren't really marked with signs so that gave the duo more of a headache. Everything was a gregarious ;the same white marble and rose quarts. By luck of chance,the red mage spotted the inn. It was called Divine Tree Inn. For some odd reason this edifice had been perched in a tree about fifty feet or so. So the duo had to climb a rope latter. Smiled at the new gusts The innkeeper stood there.

"Well, hi can you get my friend and me a room fer tonight. We'll share a room if that's no problem. We'd also would like some supper," explained the dwarf.

"Sure. That will be 20 gold pieces per night. Dinner and breakfast are included with the lodges. Just come this way," the blond haired innkeeper gestured. Cadmus reached into his change purse brought forth 20 gold pieces. The room that they were given looked like a magical forest. Leaves and vines tresselled the walls. The walls were thick tree branches of dark wood. The young elf appeared beamish smiling like a bright star. In her point of view this room is heavenly ; to Cadmus this room reminded him of a tree house. After the innkeeper had left, the duo went to the common room for dinner. In the common room there was a medium size crowd of people ,however, one face really hit Celestros like a brick. Vena. Vena had changed into leather armor and she was just sitting there drinking green tea with a bored look upon her features. The red mage ran with open arms to greet her friend. Cadmus just had to walk over to see this Vena woman that abandoned his newly acquired friend.

"Vena, I missed you so much," cried the elf maiden.

"What happened to your red robes?" Vena questioned.

"Well, he said that I can't wear them when we are in Vaneala."

"Celest, doesn't that dwarf look an awful lot like Dragomir?" Questioned the lady knight.

"Who's Dragomir?" The baffled red mage asked.

"Dragomir's a great dwarven warrior. He's one of the champions of the War of the Disk," replied Vena.

"That's a very nice name,'' committed the dragon warrior.

"It's unique name ,but I won't want to name my child that." Vena said dryly.

"You're thinking about children already and you are around seventeen years old."

"It never hurts to plan your future. Always have a tactics if they fail make up new ones,'' explained the lady knight.

"Oh course, Vena, you're a knight so you must be ready for anything. But I thought that you're my guild not some stupid knight who saves pompous royalty!" Celestros interjected.

"Well, I'm your guild. After all I traveled quite a lot with the royal family ,because my parents are their body guards. So now does it explain why I'm a knight,'' wry spoken by Vena, "by the way, Celestros, royalty isn't so bad after all. Most of the time they are lonely. I find myself as Chandra's friend,"

"If you know this area so much, Missy, then why did you abandon Celestros, huh? I would like an answer," Cadmus taunted.

"First of all, dwarf, I wanna test her to see if she could get out of the forest" she got cut off because of Celestros' question.

"Vena, what kind of a person is Chandra?" Celestros questioned.

"Well, she's very nice and sweet. An excellent friend indeed!" Their food came. The trio dug into their hot meals.

"Yummy!!!!" Celestros exclaimed with glee in her voice.

"I do agree I like elvish food ,but I rather have meat. That reminds me I failed to find anything in the 'dead forest',"giggled Vena. Before they finished their dinner the elf had to speak again.

"It's so nice to be surrounded by a group of friends," sighed the elf maiden, "Vena, would you like to go shopping with me tomorrow. I want some new clothing."

"Sure and we can go to other shops in this village. We can try to get more acquainted." The small party talked for quite a while on idle trivial topics like most friends. They were so involved in a conversation they lost track of the time and still left a good amount of food on their plates. When a fair amount of patrons turned out the candles, it was time to stop talking over cold half eaten food. When they left the Xenthosen when a different way ,because her room on the other side of the inn. Cadmus and Celestros when to the room they shared. A pallid, almost full, waning moon blocked by clouds barely light the small room. Even though Celestros could see fairly well in the dark, it was the burly dwarf who had to light a candle with some flint. This made him curse like a sailor under his breath. Then, he went over and lite a copper lantern. The lantern flooded the room with a pale radiance. The two did change into their bed clothes and went to sleep.

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