Beautiful friends,

It seems I have many,

So when I'm with them, attention,

I never get any.

They are blonde and brunette,

Dark skinned and light,

So whatever I am,

Just isn't quite right.

I thought I had all the ingredients,

But I guess it's the wrong combination,

The basics are here,

So I blame faulty preparation.

I've tried every style, every trend, every fad,

I've tried being myself, but I'm told that's not cool,

I walk down these crowded halls everyday,

And I still feel like I'm in middle school.

I just want to be the popular girl,

I want a hockey player to talk to me,

But second string is all I'll ever be.

I know very well that there's life after high school,

But there's still every day of this year to get through.

I know someone loves me, more than I can mention,

But is it wrong just to want a little bit of attention?