I hope you like! This is just the beginning of the story so dont worry...to those who like it...i will be working on the first chapter...this is pretty much something i wrote when i was bored....in social studies....


November 18, 1984

The words you are reading aren't just my own. They belong to the spirits that surround me as well. They tell me to be wary of darker times, and I must admit, the air is growing thicker with the cold of a mist. Even though I'm in the confines of my room, alone, I can feel something here. I'm also sure that the cold is not coming from the winter months that lay ahead. I fear that the gates of the magical plain have opened, and the creatures that were banished from this realm have come to claim their territory. What is worse now than ever is the fact that I can just barely see the faces of my spirits. It's as if someone or something is trying to keep me from communicating with them. Dawn is now approaching; this is my signal to leave. The light of the sunrise is disturbing to me.


Lorinda Clair Daniels

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