By Chloe Rosina Hurn

Secret Past Chapter 1 Jenny

"Wake up Jenny!" cried Mum.

I moaned and turned over. Its just another Monday morning I thought. But I knew it wasn't, it was never going to be the same again.

I sat up and inspected my new room. Well my mum called it a room, I called it a dump! It was full of boxes of my belongings. Some moth eaten curtains hid the windows. The camp bed I had just been asleep on was old and squeaky. The only thing in the room that I like is the mirror hanging on the wall. It is bordered by brightly coloured pieces of glass. It was the only object that was out of the box that had belonged to me.

I sat on the creaky bed for a while, just thinking. The house I was in belonged to my mum's boyfriend. They had been going out for over a year by then, John asked my mum to move in a couple of weeks after he had moved in to his new house with his twin daughters, Belle and Brody. My mum and I moved in on Sunday. They aren't my family. John and his daughters weren't related to me, a fact the twins constantly remind me of.

"Jenny! Are you up yet?!" yelled Mum

"Define up" I replied

"Out of bed you cheeky beggar!"

"Then Yes" Jenny said

"Well you better hurry up you don't want to be late on you first day" shouted mum

I groaned loudly and turned my head slightly so I could see my school uniform that I was to wear to Speda High . The uniform consisted of three colours; brown, yellow and black. Brown skirt, yellow shirt, brown jumper and black shoes. I hauled myself out of the camp bed and put it on, I turned to look at my reflection, I looked at it with . "I look like a flaming brownie in these clothes" I thought. With one last disgusted look at it I left my room and used the bathroom.


"Coming Mum"

With one last glance at my reflection I went down stairs and sat at the kitchen table with everyone else.

"Morning Jenny are you nervous about your first day?" asked John.

"No" I said bluntly.

I didn't mind John that much anymore he seemed nice enough, I just didn't feel comfortable around him yet. It was the twins I had a problem with. While I was getting some cereal I noticed them giving me the evil looks. Its not like I asked to move in I thought bitterly. I ignored the twins and ate my breakfast. My mum is quite tall, her hair is strait and chestnut brown. Her eyes are light blue. John's hair is short and black, his eyes are brown and he is slightly taller then my mum. He wears a pair of black framed glasses. The twins have long black hair and the same brown eye as their dad. When I had finished my breakfast I got up to leave.

"Wait Jenny as its your first day I'll give you a lift" said my mum.

"Fine" I replied.

I knew that there was no point arguing with my mother, she is very stubborn. Worst of all this meant Belle and Brody got a lift too. They were hostile enough when I was three metres away from them not that my mum or John noticed. In their eyes they are angels and I am the devil. "Personally" I thought, "I wouldn't want to be an angel, devils have more fun" I grinned.

I turned on my CD player and listened to music while Mum was driving us to school. I didn't want to admit it but I was nervous about school. It wasn't as bad as it could be as it was the first day back to school for everyone as the summer holidays had just ended but everyone would still have their own friends, their own group. I was worried I wouldn't make friends, that I wouldn't fit in, my usual fear when starting at a new school. Worst of all I had to see the headmistress, which I knew would be uncomfortable. I was still listening to my CD player I tuned in to these words:

"My life keeps going but I can't escape from it, it haunts me like my shadow"

I shivered how right they were, it was like the song had been written for me.

Before I knew it my mum was at the school gates. The twins got out the car straight away but I sat there for a couple a seconds longer.

"Do you want me to come in with you" my mum asked.

Part of me wanted her to but a bigger part of me didn't, it was just one of those things I had to do on my own.

"No thanks mum I'll be fine" I replied.

She looked a bit sad but she smiled anyway.

"Good Luck" she said.

I smiled and hugged her, I quickly got out the car. I took a deep breathe and slowly turned around and starting walking into school and into my new life.