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By the in this chapter Alex is the person telling the story not Jenny. The name below the chapters title will indicate whose talking.

Chapter 3: The New Girl


Louise had told me there was going to be a new girl in her form. I wondered. What she'd look like? Would she be stuck up? Who she would hang out with? I was clock watching which I don't normally do, well not much anyway. There was only one minute left and the supply teacher was useless, why become a teacher if you can't teach for fucks sake. I bet she's a complete bitch I thought but I hoped I was wrong. Finally I heard best sound in the world, the bell. I quickly gathered my thing and walked out of the classroom. It was lunch time at last, I headed outside to the picnic tables where I had agreed to meet Louise.

That's when I saw her, the new girl. I knew instantly that it must be her as I had never seen her before. She was sitting with Louise laughing at some joke she'd just been told. Probably not a bitch then I thought. I stood there staring at her, I couldn't help it she was beautiful, the uniform couldn't hide it. I could tell she was tall even though she was sitting down because of her long legs, she was slim and wasn't flat chested either, she defiantly had sex appeal. Hey, I'm a guy what do you expect? She had long honey blonde hair but her eyes were her most amazing feature they were a deep electric blue, they looked like they were alive with energy.

I head towards them, looking at Louise, my best mate. She looked up and smiled, the girl looked up at me curiously.

"Hey Louise. Who's this? The new girl in your class?" I asked when I reached them.

"Yeah" she answered "Alex this is Jenny. Jenny this is my mate Alex"

"Hi" Jenny said as those electric eyes studied my face.

"Hi" I replied gazing, ok I was staring at her. Get a grip I thought forcing myself to talk instead of stare.

"So why did you move to this area?" I asked.

Her eyes flashed, in those brief moments I saw fear her eyes, so quick I hardly saw it, but it had defiantly been there. Something bad must have happened.

"My mum got a new job here and shes moved in with her new boyfriend"

"Oh what's he like?" asked Louise.

"He's seems like a nice person, it's his daughters who hate me. They don't like the idea of sharing their dad and they think it's all my fault." She said rolling her eyes. "I mean the way they see it I grabbed our parents, shoved them in a room and refused to let them out till they agreed to go out and live together."

"At least you don't share DNA with them, I swear my brothers were abandoned on our doorstep when they were young" Louise scowled.

"Older or younger?" Jenny asked.

"One of each, both egomaniacs" Louise sighed

"Ouch" Jenny winced "Do you have any brothers or sisters Alex?" hurriedly changing the subject.

"Yeah I have one older brother but we're pretty close" I said.

"Hey Alex is coming over to my house tonight to watch some films do you want to come too Jenny?" asked Louise.

"Yeah sure I'll just check with my Mum first" answered Jenny, she looked round to check if there were any teachers about and then pulled out her mobile. She got up and walked away from us, she stopped at a distance that we couldn't hear her.

"So what do you think?" Louise asked idly.

"She's nice but she's hiding something, something big"

"You moron she just met us, why would she tell us her whole life story"

I watched her intently she seemed fine at first happy. But her expression soon changed to annoyance. A frown etching itself onto her face, her lips started moving rapidly.

"Looks like her mum said no" Louise commented

Her annoyance turned to fear, I swear the colour drained out of her face. Christ she even looked over her shoulder as if she was expecting there to be someone behind her. Her hand was shaking slightly, what was wrong? I wanted to go over and see if she was okay but I knew that would piss her off, I mean she obviously hadn't wanted us to hear the conversation, why else would she have walked away from us to make the call. Why though? This girl was turning out to be so different to what I thought.

When she hung up the phone she just stood there with her back to us. Her shoulders moving steadily in time with her breathing, as if she was battling to show some strong emotion. After a minute of so she turned round and walked back to us smiling.

I searched her face for the fear as I said "Problem?"

"Nope she said its fine" Jenny replied still smiling.

"That's great" said Louise she knew instinctively to drop it.

I on the other hand, didn't.

"You sure? You look kind of pale" I asked her, her eyes became guarded.

"I'm fine" she said with a tone that screamed drop it, Louise look at me as if to say shut up you prat.

"What film should we get?" her relief was obvious.

My mind was racing what was she so afraid of?


As I walked back to classI thought miserably 'No one can know' I had to use all my inner strength to fight back the tears that wee begging to flow.