menage a trois

... Cancerous keyholes. He pulsates - continuous rhythm of heartbeats.

(Limbs foreign to their natural bend) It's all just a trend that we follow.

When masculinity kisses masculinity I shutter, loose it, try and hold

on - lip lock - rock hard - bitten - I stare down the freckle on his chin

and suckle it with my teeth, while the other twists subjectively beneath me -

awkward tips that stumble into (and around) curves. They hold onto me

with too many hands - blistered - ruff and red - lungs that fill of me - fingers

searching for centers - stilled by femininity. I feel bite marks on my bohemian

breasts, and my beatnik boys with too much wine to fuel their alter egos slant

their glances (half way -s o m e w h e r e- between empty and full.) Cradling

the hardest part of you (two) I think that body language is louder then words.

Wired and inspired at midnight - fluctuate - frail strength - screaming nightshade

of white window curtains blowing in some off shore breeze - curling around the hardest

part of you (two). Splash my dry toes around locked doors. Me and my gypsy elegance. The beautiful people, we mock like children underneath accusatory claws. Stray cats

with warm homes to go back to when everything is said (through movement)

and done (through words.) I've learned to be nothing. Taught myself to smile

with a shadow - undefined secrets. My hour is your lifetime -

children make-believing it's centuries ago in our gibberish Greek; our

blasphemous Latin (my tongue and cheek hieroglyphs; sparkle her, and miscarry

her history beginning the bargain -bid on her at your leisure-) but the boy I

kiss is on sale. Marked down - fifty percent off - by society because of his lack

there of. He doesn't fit into your signature when you write him out. He defies the

words that I describe him with. Too many thoughts in his head. Too many hands

in my bed. So I just oscillate - I just come and go - contrast - remember why I

try to forget my past! We're all just making love on the other side of those

cancerous keyholes...