A/n. I dunno if this is any good. It just kind of came to me… tell me what you think…


The hallowed golden moon shimmered silently in the starlit sea of navy blue.

She sang a song of sadness and woe, a tale of strife and pain.

She cried tears of silver stars, and rocked herself to sleep, in her bed of apathy.

For she had learned to love, and to loose, and her heart was nearly numb.

And everywhere she turned there was indifference, no one seemed to care.

Not the sun, not the morning star, nor her sister earth whom with she once shared everything…

Nor the perpetual sea of apathy, on which she rested her head.

All around were walls of ennui.

Not a single soul there to comfort her, in her own soul's distress.

So she closed her hollowed eyes,

For, She would weep no more tonight,

And take comfort in her own lethargy.