Let Me Go...

Inspired by 'Numb' by Linken Park...(btw, u guys should get that song, it's wicked! plus, 'in the end' and 'faint'. Also, 'she will be loved' by maroon 5) oops...sorry, I'm music crazy right now...anyway...read and review plz...lol...:-)

- - -

I'm trapped in this world that I hate,

(you're expectations smothering me till I faint)

Can't get out of here 'cuz of you,

(Not a clue where to go, or what to do)

No such thing as dreams or goals,

(I can't fight against you, everyone knows)

My eyes will scream, my heart will bleed,

(I'm scared, I'm trapped, no idea what I need)

I just feel so numb, there's no pain,

(I can feel the poison spreading through my veins)

This love for you has finally taken it's toll,

(I recognise your need to always take control)

Let me go, my will has finally snapped,

(Cut the chains, free the reins...don't keep me trapped)

In your embrace of posession...

Let Me Go...