A poem on

Pride and prejudice

(Volume 2, Chapter 11)

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Dedicated to Elizabeth Ebony and xsundaynightskyx...the two Elizabeth's that I know. lol. (Hey Elizabeth Ebony, sorry about the email...will do it soon :D)

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Heya ppl, this poem was written for school so I suppose only those of you familiar with 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen will understand this. It's about a scene in the book where this rich dude called Darcy proposes to this poor girl called Elizabeth and both of them have prejudice's in their minds. Lizzy refuses and the guy storms out. It's quite sweet actually (the book, not the poem)...if you like the oldern-beauty-chick style. Anyway, review plz?

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NB: Italics: direct quotes from book

Normal: words made-up

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"In vain have I struggled,

It will not do,

You must allow me to tell you,

How ardently...I love you."

Darcy expressed all his feelings without any shame,

He explained every factor, not wanting to cause her pain,

But in that society, there was no love,

Between a woman from below and a man from above,

Status and wealth stood in their way,

Pride and prejudice slowly suffocated every day.

Elizabeth stood silent, astonished and stared,

Every feeling of prejudice that she had beared,

Clouded her thoughts and made her blind,

To the true love that could conquer her mind,

But out of pride and a love for her family,

She did not reply but stood silently,

Darcy took this as encouragement and continued to say,

Every thought on his mind from the very first day,

So wrapped up in certainty that she would marry him,

He didn't see how the light in her slowly grew dim,

Or the way in which she narrowed her eyes,

It took him a few moments to realise,

That there was a possibility of his being rejected,

That she thought his love to be misdirected,

That even though his love for her was quite strong,

She felt that he had done her a great wrong.

Lizzy accused him of ruining the marriage of her sister,

Of deceiving his friend and playing his part as a trickster,

Of ridiculing her family and expecting her love,

When he showered her with insults from above,

So he felt charmed by her 'fine, grey eyes,'

But that was just another part of his disguise,

He was a selfish, 'conceited,' and most terrible man,

He thought that there was nothing that could ruin his plan,

But Elizabeth hammered his heart with a stake,

As each prejudice poured out, unaware of her mistake,

Wickham, her crush, was just another reason,

For refusing his offer or committing some sort of treason,

Why had Darcy committed such a big crime?

How appalling and terrible it seemed at that time,

Darcy was just arrogant and proud,

So Lizzy concluded, crying out loud,

"From the first meeting a burden I have had to carry,

I know with a certainty, you are the last man I could marry."

He grew pale with shock and asked quietly,

Was this her final answer? He would not take it lightly,

But she confirmed her refusal with a shake of her head,

'She tried the utmost to speak with composure when she said,'

"You have spared me the concern which I might have felt in refusing you,

Had you behaved in a more gentle-like manner...he said nothing so she continued,

"You could not have made me the offer of your hand in any possible way,

That would have tempted me to accept it, I must honestly say,

Darcy moved not a muscle, as he stood mortified,

Feeling betrayed and ashamed, he felt like something had died,

But out of pride and self-respect, he had to say,

A few final words before going on his way,

Despite your connections and imperfections, I love you,

Even if you do not feel the same way that I do,

"You have said quite enough Madam, I perfectly comprehend your feelings,

I will go now so let us put an end to these dealings,

By marrying me you would have had love and fountains of wealth,

But goodbye and please 'accept my good wishes for your health...'