The Muslims

- - -

Dedicated to all Muslims, especially my Muslim friends.

A little ranting and raving on my part...please read?

- - -

You hear the word 'Muslims' and mentally connect,

The words 'terrorist' and '9/11'...some nutters sect,

The fear of the people is more than some can take,

So Muslims are therefore a natural mistake,

The ladies in black dresses look like 'ninja women',

The men with the long beards, like Osama Bin Laden,

But if you think any of these things, then you are sincerely mistaken,

For the media and this government portrays them as messengers of Satan.

Just take a minute and ask yourself truthfully,

If without all this brainwashing, you'd still think them unruly,

Muslims are just another race, another group of human beings,

You may not understand their beliefs or the meanings,

But what I don't understand is why Muslims are singularly targeted,

Sure, Osama did provoke a lot of unnecessary garbage,

But there are bad points in every type of existing person,

No one's so perfect, so practicing of their own religion.

How can you judge all the people just by one?

If you can't understand this, then you're the one with the problem,

If you just take the time to find out a little bit,

About the very people that you believe to be terrorists,

You would find that Islam is actually quite peaceful,

There're no rules about killing non-believers or being deceitful,

All this bullshit the people like Osama use about 'Jihad' being excuse for murder,

Just enrages me more and pushes me even further,

This ranting and raving won't do anyone any benefit,

But I hope next time, you'll think twice about calling Muslims terrorists,

And maybe make an effort to question these lies,

That you're fed with a silver spoon...maybe then you'll realise,

That Muslims are human, just like you and me,

And if we just accept it, we can all live peacefullly...

- - -