TWO Best Friends

Dedicated to those two friends...hope you know who you are

- - -

Btw, I couldn't really be bothered with rhyming...which is unusual for me...but I guess, this one wasn't really worth's quite close to my life right forget the spelling mistakes and gimme some advice.....please?

- - -

some people just dont understand,

The point of writing poetry all day long,

I've got a friend who's just like that,

And I suspect that she won't ever read this,

But even so, I'd like to say,

If not to her, then to everybody else,

That I'm glad that we're back on track,

That terror of breaking up has disappeared,

We're open, friendly and the closest cousins ever,

Just like we used to be.

But now I have another friend,

Who's also a really close person to me,

I find myself torn on the phrase

of 'best friends',

Because they're both my best friends

In their own speacial ways,

I hate the feeling of guilt when one asks,

'So, who's your closest friend?'

And I say that they are but even so,

I want to scream that I have two best friends,

And both are special to me,

So if either of you read this,

Then please sincerely forgive me,

And I hope that you understand

That I love you both

no matter what...