& she is persephone wretched
cupping her hands to drink from the river
(sipping souls like a delicacy)
while eyeing hades and his whore
lounging on the ferry among
aconite blooms


the mere thought of HER pervades her sanity.
every. fiber. of. her. being.
the perfume of HER skin lingering (LINGERING)
enticeful onto him---her hades

'i won't touch you until she's gone.'
the sourspores catch on her tongue with defiance flaring
eyes lit into a frenzy, a hellstorm of jealousy

what a beautiful whore (no.no.no)
'she so ruins your beauty,' she thinks
again and again
'in the dreams we enter, my hades,
she has none.'

'so full of seductive cunning,
such a sweet thing,
so very delicate,
minthe is.
such a beautiful fool.'

persephone smiles, her canines glistening
her mind twisting like malformed cogs

'minthe, my lovely minthe'
HER green eyes - sharp, focused
wary of the queen
(too kind, much too kind)

the lady twists her fingers into
the nymphet's curls, ripping hair.
'scared, beauty?
you should be.'

tensing every muscle from head
to toe, persephone kicks the

bruising, bruising, bruising.

minthe cries to the gods,
praying for release --
& so she transforms
blossoming into flora
green with envy,
a subtle rage

HER scent, released from
the crushing blows,
ensnares persephone
angering the queen

'even in this life,'
persephone snarls.
'SHE violates me.'

(the gods, my beauty,
set you free; only to
throw you back in)
destruction in her
hands, she still
remembers girlchild
& sparce fingers
clawing at the
skin of (her thigh)
Earth below her
this girlchild
who reminds her
of Kore (purity
darling, lost in
tangible pomegranates
& harpy songs)