Just leave me hanging here all alone

Strung up like a puppet

with its cord around its neck

I'm dying for you ,baby, I hope your happy

You're like air and I'm under water

The hangman's here and everyone's watching

Watch my body dangle, baby

Look at the damage and look at me

Look at what you've done

You're my air to my brain and the way's cut off

My feet brush the gallows and my cheeks are blue

Rope in my neck

A public spectacle all for you

Do you see what I'm rasping

Pushing between my lips

Watch my lips now, baby

I need you

Do you see what I'm grasping at

Any little bit of you

You may be happy far from here

But here is hell now no fears

And my soul's gone to satan nothing left to sell

He's got control of me

Look I'm a puppet

Strangled by my own cord

I guess I'll give new meaning

To nothing

I wasn't special anyway