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Today had been like any other day. Taking the lives of so many innocent souls; watching so many of my soldiers fall; and fighting a blood-fest, that I honestly thought would go on forever.

It rained, I remember; a little bit earlier, as the cries of thunder rang through the once-green fields; making the fates almost demand that we fight on. Demand that we carry fourth this silly war against the Light Kingdom: Just because we were of different races.

And I, as the General of the Necromancer Army, had to put aside my feelings, and lead my men and women to victory. But, in all things overlooked: What was I doing? Was this right? What was so civil about war, anyway?

I pondered this with a deepened sigh; cleaning the final reminisce of angelic blood from my scythe: Being sure to wipe the now clean blade off with a towel making it almost glimmer in the small beams of sunlight in which had broken through a series of large, dark rain clouds that had made their presences known just a matter of hours ago.

I took a moment to stare; brushing a bit of my onyx and pink locks from my shoulders; feeling the crispy, crunchy sensation of what wasn't even my own blood laced through my hair.

It was funny. angelic blood was not like our own. In fact, demonic dripped red: And angelic always seemed to drip silver. I never quite understood that: But, I was linking it up to the elements of purity.

I stood alone in the little cottage that I had made into my own home; shaking my head, as I continued to stare out the window: questioning even my own being.

I was a wandering spirit. A girl raised and forced into fighting at only the age of thirteen. If I loved being out in the fields in combat: Then, why was I so miserable now?

The answer came to me in my next breath: The killing. Men, women, children. Some of only months being slain by my armies, and by the angel's armies; and for what? The pleasure of seeing whose kingdom will rein in the realms of the Immortal?

"The Black Abyss."

That was the title given to this battle. And I hated being apart of it. I hated it so damn much.

I was 26 years old. I shouldn't be out here killing. I should be settled down with the right girl. I should be starting a family. I should be happy. But, was I happy? Not in the very least.

I felt something light pierce my silver eyes; reaching up to feel a salty, liquid sensation drip from my cheek…sobbing meekly for a moment at the fallen soldiers: Their decaying corpses being the only things that laced what was once a lush, green landscape.

Their blood had turned the grass to a red-silver acid: And I could still hear their screams as they took the plunge into the next world. And it still haunted my dreams: Ever since I had killed my first angel. It still haunted my dreams.

"Damn it!" I cursed; throwing my arms upon the desktop; sobbing lightly into them.

This had become a nightly ritual for me. I'd lay in bed, and stare at the walls for hours. I didn't care how many tears fell from my pools of silver. I had to let them out in order to carry on another mission. As the leader of my troops: I could not let my personal feelings get into the way.

And that is why: I needed to get out.

The stress was just getting to be too much for me. I had to.

I had made so many friends here; so many that I considered to be family; and seen the majority of them fall by some angel's hand. And I hated the angels for it. But, in return: I hated to end the lives of anyone for this.

Our conflict was something that should have been worked out years ago…But, in turn: After 200 years of fighting: It still raged on. My mother, my grandmother, and her mother before her had stepped up to the 'plate,' and victoriously emerged from the scarred grounds of our world; only to kill again the next day.

I was always different. And they frowned down on me for it. Just because I myself…was different.

I sighed. If I didn't leave tonight…then I'd forever be trapped in this ball of insanity. And I just couldn't fight any longer.

I nodded firmly; moving to my bedroom to pack a few things. My most treasured belongings, really; as I quickly gathered them up. I was ready.

I stood in reluctance; gazing upon myself in the mirror; shaking my head.

'Damn it, Celine: What have you become?' I thought to myself; continuing to stare…almost as if I wished the mirror would magically whisk me away into another, more peaceful dimension: Away from the cold, dark waters that had become my very life.

I must have gotten lost; as I didn't hear the knock that was placed upon my door; hearing the presence of someone else step into my cottage. I just hoped it wasn't one of the angels seeking revenge for something I had done.

"Cel? Honey? Are you home?" a voice laced with a Spanish accent called out; the clicking of combat boots being heard across the hardwood floors.

I slowly turned; knowing exactly who it had been. It was the voice of one of my best, and most trusted friends. He had been my confidant through everything; and one of my most powerful allies.

I sniffled, speaking as loud as I could: It being barely above a whisper.

"Seraph?" I croaked out; bringing a hand to my eyes once again; drying some more tears in which had crept their ways out.

A figure dressed in black armor brought my answer; locks of black waves seeming to sway with the wind of the slightly opened window outside; nodding:

"Mmhmm. I came to check up on you. You took off so quickly when we got done that I had to come-" he started, as I cut him off.

I felt a loud sob emit; throwing myself into his arms; feeling the black, silken texture of his bat-like wings upon my skin; feeling more tears rain down; my friend wrapping his arms around me; holding me like a fragile china doll…strokes being brought through my hair; as soft words of comfort were heard.

"Boss," he spoke, meeting my eyes with his own, "What's wrong? I've never seen you cry."

I felt my sobs emit once more; clinging on as if he was my very lifeline: Not letting go for all that I was worth.

"I'm sorry," I croaked out, "I'm so sorry," I spoke, not being able to stop.

"Celine," my friend began, setting a lone, black helmet upon my dresser; focusing back towards my form, "Don't be sorry for anything. I hate it too, darling, believe me."

"It's- it's not that…e-entirely," I stuttered out; feeling hot tears merge with the blackened texture of his wings; seeing my forever ally touch my cheek tilting my form up to meet his eyes. I had always loved his eyes. Bright, emerald green.

I swear, one could look into them, and get lost. And when he'd get mad they could send a sheering freeze through your bones: Rendering whoever was on the opposite end powerless, and trembling with fear.

At least when he wasn't in full demon form. He was a half demon, after all. He still had his mortal side. A side in which placed him to be different than the rest of the Night Demons.

"Well, then," Seraph began, meeting his eyes with my own once more, "Then what is it?"

I choked a sob, speaking like I hadn't to anyone in years, "I'm so tired, Ser. Of everything. Damn it, why can't I just be normal? I'm so tired of watching such innocent souls fall by our own hand. I just…I-I-" I spoke, feeling more run down the sides of my face: Almost being ashamed to cry in front of another demon.

Seraph pulled me closer; wrapping his wings around my form making me feel loved, and protected; speaking once more:

"You are one of the most normal demons that I know. Unlike the rest: You have a heart, and you feel pain for what we must do everyday. Don't ever be ashamed to cry, darling. Even the toughest, ruthless, most evil of creatures shed tears sometimes."

I mutely nodded: Looking into his eyes once more.

This would be the hardest thing to say to him: After he so long had helped me in battle; and so long had been my friend. But, if I didn't get out of this life: Then I would slowly start to let it get the best of me. And I could not have that. Not now, not ever.

You see, Ser wasn't just a demon. He was the High Commander of the Black Knights: A guild that had formed just around the time of my armies; and soldiers in which we had merged together with on the battlefield: Making us almost unbeatable.

"I just," I replied, drying my eyes once again, "I just can't do this anymore. I…I don't wanna leave you; my soldiers; or our land: But, I just…if I don't…I-I-"

I stopped; fearing that after so many years of friendship: Seraph would run out, and leave me behind, like most had. I didn't have many true friends: And those that I did have: I cherished like family.

To my surprise: He laid a hand upon my shoulder: Making me look down upon it, and then back up to haunting, green eyes:

"I understand," he spoke gently, making me look up, almost in shock.

"You…But…I'm…you-" I stuttered out, dead for words.

A light laugh brought my almost trance-like state to an end, looking up at the other man:

"Celine: I've been there myself, remember? It's hard sometimes, knowing that you continue to fight daily for a war…that never seems to end."

He sighed, bringing a hand to his hair brushing a lock from his shoulders; it tumbling back to just above his mid-back; his eyes seeming to become sorrowful: Almost as if he was going into recollection; meeting my tear-laced silver eyes:

"I want what you want, Cel. For peace. For peace between our two nations. So many souls have died because of such petty issues."

He shook his head briefly, sighing out loud:

"It's sad; and it's so not worth it. But, until they realize that they're not so different: Then I guess the blood-shed will commence."

I nodded, sighing as well:

"Ser: Do you ever think that we'll have peace? Do you think we'll be able to end this war?"

My friend thought for a moment, meeting my eyes:

"I hope so, Cel," he spoke, sighing lightly again, "I sincerely do."

I gave a nod.

I had met him not long after a great war was lifted from his world. Him, and his now husband. I smiled lightly at those memories and their story. It had been absolutely amazing. I had only hoped that one day: I too could sit back, and share such a powerful love as the two of them had shared.

They too had been different: But, in the end: They found that the ones you may say you hate: Are the ones you love the most. I laughed a bit, seeing a look of questioning upon my ally's features; the lone, demonic cross upon his forehead seeming to give off a glow of red; returning to it's normal black as I looked up:

"Just thinking back to when I met you and Eld," I laughed lightly, "That was a good day."

Seraph smiled, nodding his response, "That it was," he started, tilting my face to meet his own; a black, gloved hand being placed upon my cheek like a brother to a sister:

"Celine: Don't worry. I know there's a great girl out there just waiting to be found for you. And hey: I know it's been tough since Bess died. But, please know that if you hadn't: Then someone else would have. She wasn't one of us anymore, love: Just like she told us. You did the right thing," he spoke, firmly looking into my eyes; sending me a look of determination for his statement.

I nodded.

"Thanks. I'm so sorry, Ser," I spoke, feeling tears lace my eyes once again.

My friend shook his head with a gentle smile, "Don't be. Just think of it as a vacation," he responded with a wink, "And when I see you again I hope to meet the girl of your dreams along with it."

I smiled lightly, drying my eyes for the millionth time today, "Thank-you. Promise we'll keep in touch?" I stated.

I couldn't move forward knowing that I'd be leaving such a treasured friend behind. I had to keep what we shared. Without it, I'd be lost.

"Always," he replied, bringing a hand to my cheek; lightly drying some freshly fallen tears; smiling his assurance.

I sighed, looking to the now setting skies: Traces of pink, orange, twilight, and red seeming to lace the puffy, cottony swirls that were once onyx rain clouds: Staying quiet.

A light chuckle brought me from my state, looking up into my friend's eyes:

"Hey, I'll tell you what: Let's go out for a drink at the Tavern," Seraph smiled, "And later: When you return: You can tell me all about what's been going in your life."

I paused; nodding slowly, "That…that sounds great…"

My friend smiled; wrapping an arm around my shoulders; leading me out the door; and into the twilit world before us.

I felt so much better. I knew that even though I would only be leaving temporarily: That I had great friends to welcome me back home. I smiled, blinking as I looked up.

For there, streaking across the heavens: Was a shooting star making it's way into the night.

"Make a wish," a voice spoke softly, causing me to smile.

I closed my eyes, as I spoke softly to the heavens; praying and hoping that my wish would someday soon come true. One that I had longed for since I got into this whole ordeal. A wish for peace. For absolute peace.

We ventured on the bright city lights seeming to greet us as we approached the bar. I now knew that it would be all right. And that I didn't have to worry anymore.

Someday, I would meet that special someone; and be happy like my friend was with his own. Even though it was through the streams of death: I knew that someday; somehow: I would have our own story to tell.

After all, as my friend had taught me: Death held no dominion.

Miracles, and new horizons came from anyplace they wanted: And I was ready, and waiting for my sunrise to come…

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"Prison gates won't open up for me

On these hands and knees

I'm crawlin'

Oh, I reach for you

Well I'm terrified of these four walls

These iron bars can't hold my soul in

All I need is you

Come please I'm callin'

And oh I scream for you

Hurry I'm fallin'

Show me what it's like

To be the last one standing

And teach me wrong from right

And I'll show you what I can be

Say it for me

Say it to me

And I'll leave this life behind me

Say it if it's worth saving me…"