A Birth of The Incarnate.

The Death of Professor Gerald Halloway.

July 18, 2015. A Discovery is Made.

An aged man approaches a video camera, held by an assistant.

"This is Professor Gerald Halloway. We have just made an amazing discovery, here, in Antarctica. This is truly amazing. We have discovered three bodies, perfectly preserved, trapped within the ice. It appears that two of them are male; the other, female we presume, was found a few yards away. We first though that they were of the ancient past, but from we could gather visually, their appearance gives evidence of alien origin. We will begin an excavation as soon as possible."

Fast foward three weeks

August 7, 2015 Bad Moon Rising.

Prof. Gerald leads an excavation team in the removal of the bodies from the ice. The plan being to remove them as a whole, rather than cut them individually and risk damage. A ten-foot wide block is being lifted from the ground, inside you can see the bodies easier, but it is still vague.

"Prof. Gerald Halloway again. We have counted out our alien theroy since there is no evidence of any interstellar ship in the immediate area. Nontheless, this a grand opportunity for the scientific communtiy, we are still planning to study them and hopefully reanimate them. While reanimation is still a little 'iffy' concerning the human species, this will be an excellent opportunity to attempt to bring back a humanoid being."

The block is being hoisted onto a flatbed to be trasported to a nearby airfield. One of the cables snap and the ice drops dangerously onto the truck, shattering the shock absorbers. None are injured, but it is a bad omen regardless. Repairs are made to the crane as a new flatbed is brought in.

August 14, 2015 Revealations and voices.

"Prof. Gerald Halloway continuing. We have successfully removed the three specimens from their ice tomb, and have managed to separate them into three individual blocks. We kept the two males here in our lab in Maine and, ironically enough, opted to send the female to our sister lab out near California. We have managed to chip away enough at the ice to determine a visual description. They appear to be brothers who had a run of bad luck concerning their location in the antarctic. They both have a unique style of dress which makes a chronological point of origin difficult. Our previous 'alien' theory may still hold water, as their physical appearance greatly differs from our own.

"They both have a skin covering of what seems to be scales, giving support of an alien race of reptillian backgroung.The larger and apparently older one has what appears to be a set of wings, also reptillian in origin, jutting out from a strange breast-plate that we dertermined to be some form of armor. Atop his head is what seems to be a line of 2 or 3 horns jutting from his crown in a strange fashion, resembling a mohawk. Close observation of the mouth and hands shows a set of fangs and claws jutting from the fingertips.

"The smaller, younger looking, one has a similar look concerning the hands and mouth, but that is where the similarities end. He wears no armor and in place of wings, there are two lines of holes running in a parrallel fashion down his spine. The same kind of holes are found running down both of his arms; we have yet to determine what they are for. Atop his head in place of the horns his brother shows is a pair of antennae right below the hairline of his forehead. We will continue our studies as we try to thaw them out safely."

The professor stands from the screen, having finished his report for the time being. He heads for the door doing a final inventory as he walks. He stops for a minute in front of the two blocks of ice, admiring his newest discovery.

"Who were you? What were you? All of our research and technology can answer the latter, but we may never know just what your names are. Or where you came from."

He stares at the two 'Icemen'. "Can you answer that for me?...Didn't think so."

He continues on his way out when suddenly, he stops just short of his goal.

A pair of etheral voices state...

"my name is..."

September 14, 2015 Breakthroughs

"Prof. Gerald Halloway, reporting some extraordinary breakthroughs! Over the past month, we have successfully thawed them out and partially reanimated them. They are breathing once again and show signs of movement in the eyes, but they are virtually brain-dead. We have placed them in a kind of isolation tank to help accelerate the healing process. While they were in 'Iso', we took blood samples and core temperatures, we made a few more discoveries. The blood samples proved that they are brothers, as we first hypothesized, though they are vastly different: the younger one had an unusual amount of iron in his blood, makeing him a proverbial lightning rod. While the elder had a large amount of white blood cells, which might help to explain why his core temperature was 10 degrees warmer than the surounding ice.

"We are also attempting to jump start their brains by literally reprogramming them with television signals. It worked in the beginning when all we showed them was Earth's history, so we have decided to experiment. With the older creature we have started transmitting nothing but popular culture from the last 35 years: music, television, movies, the whole nine yards. The younger one, we're transmitting educational programs: Discovery/Science Channel, History, PBS, everything educational. Our hopes are that once enough information has been absorbed into their minds, their natural way of thinking will take over and we will have a full reanimation of a humanoid. As I said, the last few weeks have been really exciting. We hope for results soon."

September 18, 2015 Their deaths are only the beginning.

Prof. Gerald appears on the screen, bloody and exhausted. Screams can be heard in the background as he tries to make one last entry.

sobbing"We should have known, we should have known. From the very beginning we should have monitered them. We might have had a chance then. Two days ago we first noticed their brain waves, they were perfectly in sync. It was as though they were aware of everything and were communicating with each other, mocking us as we tried to learn.

"If anyone finds this record, know this: they are immensly powerful, they wiped out our security forces right off the bat. The elder one is able to breathe fire, and the younger releases some form of gas from the holes in his arms and back. Nothing we've tried has worked to stop them: bullets are effective, but the wounds heal instantly, tazers don't affect the older one, but seem to make the younger one stronger.

"I've told you all I know, my only hope is that someone who is able to fight them finds this. And whoever does find this, tell my wife that I....." skkzztttttt----------------------end recording