Skudd rights himself and launches towards his brother, claws outstretched. Nuova catches Skudd, and using his own momentum, leans back to slam Skudd head first into the manhole. With demonic reflexes, Skudd rights himself and rips the manhole conver from the ground to hurl at Nuova.

The improvised chakram has no effect as Nuova charges up a burst of flames from his palms. The napalm blast incinerates the disc and continues to Skudd, who counters with a blast of liquid Miasma from his mouth. The purple ooze connects with the red flames in a display of demonic power. Neither side gains as the miasma evaporates into poisonous gas. Through the cloud, even Skudd must cover his mouth to prevent infection. Using his slight advantage, Nuova charges towards Skudd and leaps INTO him. His power of possesion taking effect as the miasma fades from the outside and the serpent of fire, twisting in mock pain, sinks into itself and slams into Skudd.

Skudd stares into the blazing sky as his pupils shift and change to a sky blue color. A pair of bone spikes sprout from his back, ending in razor sharp points. Skin literally crawls up the pikes and unfolds into a set of leathery wings. Gripping his head, Skudd drops to the ground as his entire body shifts and changes into something familiar, yet forgotten. A set of horns emerge as his skull hardens into a plate. His scales darken, losing their shifting colors, as his tail sprouts tiny spikes from the base down to the tip ending in a spiked ball.

His snout flattens out covering sharper demonic teeth, albeit slightly dulled. Removing his hands, which have gone from sharp elongated points to shortend, still sharp as hell points with tiny horns adoring each knuckle. His transformation completed, Skudd stands as the serpent vanishes into it's host.

Scanning the local area, he flaps his great wings, collapsing the building in front of him. Making his way over the rubble, he finds a broken mirror. Lifting it to his face, he grins a sidelong grin staring at the face that neither resembles Nuova nor his brother Skudd, yet resembles both.

"Nice seeing you again, Dante of Darkness."