I hate you, I really hate you

No one has ever made me feel this way

There's one thing in the world

Just one thing in the whole wide world I'd like more than

The money, more then the power

I'd like to see

Your and the sidewalk

Two become one

Join Hands

For an intimate dance


Do it

Tango one two

Blood and gravel

Join your hands

C'mon and Dance, Dance

Dance, Dance

The minute we broke up I thought these

Nasty things

These evil thoughts, these evil sins

I never thought, never knew, never guess you'd be crazy

And pull all this shit

God help me I'm tired of it

So here's the song I wrote myself chorus melody and rhythm to dance to

Walking out to meet your date

Your heel will break and you will fall

Surprise, Surprise you meet your date early

Silent and solid

The perfect match for you

Since opposites attract

Falling face first to meet your date

God you're eager

But so am I

So dance under the stars

Waltz to the tune of I hate you

Here's a bloody red carnation for you

The blood is yours

Seeping, Spilling, Staining your clothes

You're face is already ruined

He doesn't care

Twirl and spin under the moonlight with him

You're the perfect pair