My mom has been horrible the past few months and this is me getting it somewhat off my chest. Please let me know what you think!

So this is my lovely little poem, my poem of loneliness.

A tale of feeling lost and full of emptiness

I loved you, I hope you know that.

Even if you didn't love me back.

But then something changed.

You kept pushing, and you wouldn't stop,

I'm sorry I never came out on top.

I'm sorry I wasn't perfect enough for you, but I still tried

I'm not a beauty, I'm not smart, and that's my lovely little lullaby.

An offhand critique: "why aren't you better?"

I'm sorry; I really did try, I guess I didn't make the letter.

Shouts and profanity's still hurt my ears.

Shouldn't you be the one drying my tears?

You've taught me determination.

Determination to not let you in;

Lest you critique some more, tear me down a little more.

When will I be free from this nightmare?

Will you someday care?

No, not until I'm good enough, something worthy of praise.

But is there enough left there for my head to even raise?

I thought love was unconditional, but I'm afraid I didn't make the grade,

I'm sorry; I'm not the perfect little girl you thought you made.

So I'll hide in my corner and not let you see me crying,

But really, was there ever a point in trying?