Summary --Colleen Jackson, a normal college student during her day life, a hunter at night. Colleen and her team of hunters are trying to keep the public from getting hurt by what they believe only to exist in horror movies. But now a bigger threat is happening that will destroy the human race. Will Colleen and her team be able to stop it? Or will Colleen fall for the very thing that destroyed her past? Read and Find out!


Long red hair, the colors of fire and gold. Cool pale green eyes, always watching always listening. Skin of a pale goddess shining in the moonlight. Small subtle lips as she sent him a smile.

She called to him, her long graceful hands beckoning him closer. His feet, moved of their own free will, and he found himself drawing closer to the raging beauty. Her aura surrounded her in bright white light, making her hair appear like it was on fire.

When she spoke his heart froze. Her voice was smoother then silk, but menacing none the less. And that's when reality hit him, she was his bounty. As if by force, he was returned back to the filthy alley smelling of vomit.

His eyes focused on the woman once again, and her true for was reviled. Her hair was dirty and dank. Her eyes a horrible gray color. Her skin was old and wrinkled covered in red sores. And her mouth was screeching as his ears started to here the rats scurrying at there feet.

"No! How did you break my spell? That's impossible!" she screeched her ragged yellowed teeth glowering at me. "No mere human, let alone a beginner in the dark arts could have broken that spell! The only way," she paused shutting her mouth as she realized who and what she was dealing with. "You're an ancient, but that cannot be. They were destroyed two hundred years ago."

The man didn't speak, he only stared at her. What the woman said was true, his race had been destroyed over two hundred years ago. He was the only one left of his kind, only because he had been away when his clan was attacked. A master in both the black and white arts of magic, a true ancient and alone in the world.

"What do you want with me?" he asked slowly putting his hands behind his back. In his sleeves were two jeweled daggers, he gripped them in his hands in case the old bat tried anything funny. The order was dead, which was his specialty because he preferred them dead as a doornail.

"I was looking for a quick meal." She rasped taking a cautious step back away from the stranger. "I didn't know who you were, so I cast a kashina spell on you. My powers needed to be fed. And since you hadn't been casting off any real sign of power I thought I could handle you."

Handle him, she thought that he could be handled, hell for all he cared she was a waste of time. The world was hard these days some people believed they existed some chose to ignore them. But the day would come when those pathetic humans would realize who they were dealing with.

He walked away from the old hag, heading back towards the entrance. She had maybe a second to breathe a sigh of relief before one of his daggers landed smack dab between her eyes. It was a waist of a powerful witch but hey she was rent money. Taking the amulet from around her neck, and then pulling his dagger from her head he exited the alley.

The streets were busy as he walked out into the open, no one seemed to notice him at all. He despised them all, humans walking around not caring who or what they were walking with. Soon they would all understand, soon they would believe that monsters did exist in the deepest darkest shadows of there imagination.