Chapter 4

Class had just started when Colleen walked through the open doorway. Mr. Williams looked up from his lesson to see the disruption and a frown appeared on his face. "Miss Jackson so good of you to join us."

"Sorry Mr. Williams." Colleen said apologetically. Without another word she walked up to the nearest seat that was empty and sat down. As Mr. Williams continued with his lesson Colleen found it hard to keep her mind on class. For some reason her mind wandered to the vampire she had fought with last night.

"I could make you wonderful Colleen."

That stopped her thoughts, he had known her name. How did he know that her blocks were strong, or at least she thought they had been? Had he searched her mind for her name? Colleen couldn't help but shiver as a cold shill went through her body, watching as the goose bumps appeared on her arms. He had wanted to change her, but what frightened her most was the fact that she had melted at his touch.

Ever since she had been seventeen she had been a hunter. Vampires had murdered her family, right in front of her. But for some reason they had left her alive, to stare at her parents and baby brother. He had only been eight when he died, a huge gaping hole in his throat where a vampire had torn it. You couldn't turn a vampire so young, it was illegal according to there laws. But she had to watch her parents die then come back, they had come after her.

Flashback: Part 1

Oh no they were coming she could hear them breathing deep, sniffing her out. Colleen looked in the mirror, saw the blood smeared from her forehead to her nose, her baby brother's blood.

"Colleen honey come and see momma." Colleen heard her mother voice. It used to draw her to it the sweet angelic tone. Now it was rough and harsh and scared Colleen. They wanted to kill her, would have succeeded if she hadn't fought her way through them. Now she was trapped in the bathroom, and they were getting closer. She needed a weapon, something sharp. She had watched all the vampire movies but could she really put a stake through her parents?

"Listen to your mother sweetheart, we only want to talk." Her father's voice sounded even worse, so bad Colleen didn't even recognize it. Colleen looked through all the drawers as quietly as possible until she found a chopstick for your hair. It wasn't real silver but hey anything worked. Putting her ear up against the door she heard them scuffling along the hallway, walking right past the bathroom. When she heard the bedroom room door shut, and heard them banging around Colleen opened the door slowly.

She peaked her head around the corner they were nowhere to be seen. Running as fast as possible making hardly any noise she ran downstairs. When her foot reached the bottom, she slipped on a small puddle of blood, falling taking her mother's favorite vase with her. She heard her parents scream as they rushed towards her. Colleen stood up and ran as fast as she could, but to no effect her mother rushed her tackling her from behind, knocking her only weapon from her hand. Colleen struggled as her mother tried to pin her down, using her karate lessons she tried to over power her mom by tossing her off her back and over her head, her mom was small enough that it had worked. Colleen stood dodging her dad's talons as he reached for her. Now her dad was a big man, military man when she looked at him his eyes were red, and he was foaming from the mouth.

"Ahh come on honey, I swear all I want is a taste it won't hurt a bit." He said in a raspy voice. Colleen looked past him and saw the butcher knife on the cutting board. Her mom had made pot roast and potatoes for dinner. Her dad had followed her gaze. He laughed. "You won't even get close enough honey."

Colleen smiled and ran at him, he went to reach for her but before he could grab her she dropped to her knee and slid under his legs. He had taught her that, she smiled when it worked and she grabbed the butcher knife just as her dad growled and lunged at her. She turned using the knife as defense when he landed on top of her. Her aim had been dead on and he exploded into a cloud of dust above her.

"You little bitch how dare you kill your father!" her mother squealed as she walked into the kitchen. Colleen jumped up from the floor standing in a fight stance still holding the butcher's knife in her right hand.

"Ahh now mom how is that any way to speak to your child." Colleen said. Her mom had been the one always there for, but she had learned if you let your feelings get in the way you died. The person in front of her wasn't her mother anymore, this was a complete stranger. She motioned for her mother to come closer, egging her on. Surprised that it had worked her mother ran screaming at her. Colleen kicked her mother across the face, knocking her to her knees and she plunged the knife it her mother's chest. She hadn't even given her a chance to respond she exploded into dust.

The butcher's knife clattered as it hit the floor, Colleen rushed to the living room. Her little brother stared back at her his eyes empty and cold. He was half laying on the couch and half off. The front of his Spiderman t-shirt was soaked in blood, his mouth wide open in a silent scream. He lay on the couch un-moving, un-responsive to anything. Colleen picked him up and carried him to the back yard. She dug a hole deep enough for him then placing him inside it. She covered the hole, packed it tight and finally fell on top of it exhausted.


She had done something that night that a girl her age should never have to go through. But it had happened and she had finished it, she hadn't even cried for her loss. All she had wanted was to find the vampires that had done it and kill them. And when she had they had paid dearly.

Flashback: Part 2

2 years later

They were talking and laughing at there latest kill. Colleen watched all three, her eyes spotting the one who had killed her baby brother in front of her. He was laughing a big toothy grin on his face as he did so.

"Man that was to easy!" he said laughing again. "But hey we still got one more." He motioned to the woman lying on the floor at there feet. She was shivering she had just witnessed her first vampire kill and she didn't even know it. Her mouth was gagged and her hands were tied behind her back. The front of her blouse had been ripped to shreds and her skirt was scrunched up around her thighs.

"Man I don't know she's looking pretty hot over there!" one man said licking his lips. "It's been awhile since I had me a feisty one under me."

"You know you couldn't get it up even if you wanted man." The one next to him laughed. "There's no blood running there remember your dead."

"Oh yeah but hey it's worth a try, actually now that we've just fed that shouldn't be that much of a problem." He shrugged. "Hell we've never tried and just looking at them legs just makes me hard all over."

Colleen watched as the man grabbed his crotch, and to his surprise and everyone else's he had a hard on.

"He guys I do have one man I never thought I would get one again." He smiled as he un-zipped his pants.

Colleen watched as the woman's eyes realized what he was going to do. Her scream was muffled through the gag but you could hear it all the same. She tried to sun away by scooting backwards, but that just enticed the man more. He grabbed her by her hair pulling her to her feet. She was crying and struggling, but they were to no avail. Colleen's stomach lurched as she caught a glimpse of his erection could she let this happen? When he un-gagged her you could probably hear her scream a mile away, but there was no one to hear.

"Please," she begged as she cried. "Please don' kill me."

Her mother had said the same thing he had just laughed and tore her throat to pieces as he drank from her. Now the man did the same only he didn't kill her just yet. He tore her skirt from her hips, she had no underwear on underneath.

"Be careful now Mike I guess she had previous plans." The short man laughed.

The big man threw the woman on the couch she screamed louder and was slapped across the face for it. Knocking her unconscious the man slouched. "Oh well no need to waste a perfectly good hard on." The man mounted the woman but before he could penetrate her he heard a small whistling sound. Looking up was all he had to do before his head was removed from his shoulders, and then dust.

Both the other men jumped up suddenly looking for there unspoken guest. Colleen stepped out of the shadows as she caught the sharp boomerang weapon. While looking at them she slid it in the case on her back. There was no turning back now she had caught the first off guard. Now the other two were going to be a different story.

"She killed Mike!" the short one screamed. He growled at Colleen, his blood stained teeth glaring at her. He charged her before he could even think Colleen pulled out a small piece of string, slicing him immediately in half and he turned to dust as he flew past her. That left only one he was the biggest of them all. Colleen circled him as he circled her.

"Wait a minute who are you and what do you want?"

"Just call me the death dealer and you my friend are way past due." Colleen said in a low voice. The man didn't even budge he just smiled at her as if she wasn't serious.

"Very funny little girl." He laughed a loud and hearty laugh so that it bounced off the walls. "I'm about to show you what a death dealer really is."

He lunged at her, but Colleen was ready and she blocked his first blow. She took him by his arm, shoved her hand into his elbow breaking his arm in three different places. The man screamed loud as he fell to the floor crying. "You little bitch! You broke my arm!" he screamed at her as he clutched his arm close to his body.

Colleen turned around to face him, the man was crawling away from her. Now it was her turn to smile. "Do you remember about two years back you attacked a family on Main Street?"

The man looked up confused at first, then reality hit. "You're the, the." He couldn't get the words past his lips as he stared up at his maker. "Please don't kill me I'm sorry I was young then."

"SORRY!" Colleen yelled and the man jumped back on his butt. The anger that showed on her face she knew was a little much. But she couldn't help it she remembered her parent's screams. "I had to kill my parents that night because you left me alive! I had to watch you kill my baby brother holding me back so that I couldn't help." She watched his eyes fill with tears as she stepped closer. "I lay awake at night hearing him scream at me for me to help him!" Colleen stopped at his feet and kicked him in the stomach so he slid into the wall behind him. "Do you honestly know what that was like?" Colleen kicked him again and again until her leg was tired and she was breathing hard. Surprisingly the vampire was still alive, but barley.

"Please." He said coughing up blood.

Colleen walked away killing him wouldn't help any of her problems. So she left him alive, walking towards the woman she picked her up and threw her over her shoulder. At the last minute when the vampire began trying to stand Colleen turned and threw a dagger at his heart. He looked down then back at Colleen before he was dust. Taking her dagger she walked from the building putting the woman in her dad's truck then covered her with her jacket. Grabbing the smelling salts out of her glove department she waved them under the woman's nose. When she finally came to she screamed, until she realized she wasn't in the warehouse anymore.

"Where am I!? Who are you?" she said scared out of her mind.

"I saw them drag you and your boyfriend back there so I followed. Your lucky I'm a black belt." Colleen laughed trying to calm the woman down. The fear was still in her eyes but it calmed when she realized she was somewhat safe.

"They killed Marcus didn't they?" Colleen nodded silently. "He was trying to protect me. That's all he was doing." The woman fell forward so fast that Colleen had to fall to her knees to catch her in time. She had passed out in shock, well that was perfect what was she supposed to do with her now? She had no idea where to go with her so she took her back to the small motel room her life's saving was helping her rent.

About three hours later the woman woke up on the small couch in the living room. She looked down and she was wearing a big New York Yankees t-shirt. When it hit her and where she was and what happened as well, she couldn't stop the tears now.

"You know crying isn't going to help you." Colleen said from the kitchen. She watched as the woman reacted just as she would with shock. The woman jumped off the couch and stepped back. "It's alright your safe here don't worry."

"But … I don't understand." She said silently. "It wasn't a dream then was it." She held herself close as she shivered at the memory. "It was real wasn't it?"

Colleen walked over to her carrying two big mugs. "No it wasn't a dream." She handed her a mug, when the woman looked hesitant to take it she explained what it was. "Hot chocolate, you need to warm yourself up."

Smiling in gratitude she took the cup and sat back on the couch. Colleen stood facing her watching as she sipped her chocolate. She was pretty to look at with the short red hair and green eyes. "What's your name?"

"Jazmin," she looked up. "Jazmin Stetson, who are you?"

"Colleen Jackson." Colleen answered it simply. She hadn't heard her own name in two years it was kind of funny to hear it out loud.

"Well Colleen Jackson do you need a best friend cause were stuck together now no matter where life takes us." She smiled at Colleen. Colleen smiled back and she knew that no matter what she was right, they would be best friends till the end. The tipped there mugs and watched each other as they drank. When they took the mugs away, laughing as they both ended up with chocolate mustaches.


Colleen looked over at her best friend in the whole world. To her luck Jazmin didn't remember the vampire attack, only the rape. She had fainted before they had killed the friend she had called Marcus. Jazmin turned and smiled at her, Colleen smiled back. That had been almost six years ago, and the only thing she had never regretted. The bell rang interrupting her thoughts. She stood was about to walk out after Jazmin who had seen Steven waiting for her and ran towards him. "Miss Jackson aren't you forgetting something?" Mr. Williams caught her before hand.

Colleen snapped her fingers and pulled her report out of her bag. "Here you go Mr. Williams sorry it took me so long."

"That's quite alright." He smiled at her taking the report. "So what was on your mind during class, it seemed a little more interesting then my lecture according to your expressions."

Colleen blushed she hadn't even paid attention to his lecture. "Wow I am so sorry Mr. Williams I just had a lot on my mind today. I promise tomorrow that you will have my full attention."

"I better young lady my discussion will be involving your final graded project." Mr. Williams dismissed Colleen with a wave of his hand.

She had gotten out of yet another mess, she sighed in relief as she walked out of class and out of the front doors. She didn't have a next class because it had been canceled. Her phone rang as she hit her. "Colleen here."

"Hey there babe this is T come and get me at my place." He hung up without giving her a chance to argue. This had better be good enough for her to be getting him all the way on the other side of town.