Why do we try if we're going to fail
If we know all our actions are of no avail?
Why does poor worn-out, futile man
Continue to struggle as hard as he can?

Maybe because we know in our heart
It's not the winning but the taking part.

Why does a child continue in a race
When the rest have all finished, and they're in last place?
Maybe because when all's said and done
His team will get points just because he has run.

Why against illness do we wage a war
When we know in our lives we can ne'er find all cures?
Maybe because we'll sleep easier at night
If we don't just surrender but continue to fight.

Why do we laugh when really we're sad?
Seeing us smile makes others glad.
Why do we cry when we feel no sorrow?
It helps ease our hearts so we can face tomorrow.

Why do we live and bleed and burn
When dust to dust to soil we return?
Part of us lives on fore'er and a day
In how we affect others, we always stay

Well I want them to say
When I have died
"She might not have won
But at least she tried"