The dampness of the grass
Soaks my shoeless feet
As I walk through the deserted park,
I know that there's no one to meet.

The silence of the night,
The pitter-patter of the rain,
The thought of the greater forces
Makes me forget about all the pain.

The moon in the night sky
Hangs precariously on
Dark rolling clouds that
I watch till they've gone by.

The moon is so bold.
It shines above all;
It surpasses all beauty.
Yet, it's only a ball.

But I'd like to see it
As more than just that.
It's more like a king
Compared to a cat.

The stars above me
Make me reminesce
About the times that I've had
The times I'll always miss.

I wish I could believe
That "Lion King" was true:
That my ancestors watch over me
And that they love me too.

The morning's early dew
Collect on the blades of grass.
Have you ever seen
The ground shine so vast?

It's a beautiful sight,
Comparable to none.
If only you could see it with me,
It would mean a ton.

Moving toward the center of the park,
The outline of the tree is matchless.
The emerald leafs shine with the grass
The image of it all is priceless.

The broad tree looms overhead.
Transparent leaves in the moonlight
Suddenly become visible as
I climb to an impressive height.

Limb after limb I take
Until I reach it to the top.
Then the rain begins to pour
And my hair's a drenched mop.

I'm exposed to the world
When perched on my throne.
Who cares about rain?
It's not like I'm water prone.

I sit there for hours
Just looking into sky;
Nothing to accomplish
No educational ties.

The rain on the gravel
Off in the baseball field
Rings boisterously in my ears
But not enough to make me yield.

The shirt on my back
Clings tight to my skin,
I leave it on a branch
It acts a fountain.

I sense that autumn's drawing near.
Those fallen leaves below
Whimper a crackle when they
Suffer a raindrop's blow.

Their shriveled corners
Wrinkle like prunes.
Water collects within
Which reflects the moon.

The beauty of the rain
Immerses calamity to ripples.
Moves with all forces:
Pours, showers, and trickles.

It has power to create,
Then has power to exalt.
It even has the power to
Make the world halt.

The sky begins to grey
The rain starts to recede.
Can I hold onto this memory
Or will it become deceased?

I make my way down
Despite the moisture on bark.
Off in the distance
I hear the sound of a lark.

The mud on the ground
Rushes to meet my feet.
I welcome it with open arms
A feeling I can keep.

I stop in my tracks;
I give one final thought:
An obituary for a friend
For all that he's taught.

How long do I have
Until I lose this place to winter?
What will I do when cold's
Taken all it can pilfer?

Maybe, there's another wonder
That shows such sights,
That recalls such memories,
Somewhere to solve my plights.

But morning's come near
And it's time to go home
I took one good look back
A rainbow has formed.

I've got a long way to go
Before I can say goodbye
To the place of my own
The place that'll never die.

Kevin Chen