Conflicted Kisses

There's one thing I fail to understand,
And that object happens to be you:
A cold figure in a distant land,
With no heart to give or the will to choose.

I'm struggling under your expectations.
Will you ever find greatness in me?
My mind is empty of revelations,
Of discoveries far beyond what we see.

Be gentle to me, wielder of power,
My heart is my gift of remorse and life.
And please take care of this lovely flower,
Guard it from frigid pain and heavy strife.

Eyes are wandering to and fro.
Lips are quivering to spill a dream.
Charmer from afar doesn't want to know,
His flower is more than what she seems.

Kissing the flower he holds in his hands,
She is the object that he never heard;
The girl that he will never understand,
But he kisses the flower that is her.

And so Light kisses Dark, Pain kisses Relief;
Love kisses Hate, and Doubt kisses Belief.