This is our last kiss

I feel all my passion

And my love flow into this

But I would make it so real

It's just too big of a deal

I don't know why

I can't just move on


The road will take

A dive into the deep end

And now all that we had

Will drown in the darkness

And confusion that

Is this mess

If we resurface

I might get at least one lung to work

(End Chorus)

And now I'm barely breathing

Remembering all those times

While you were heaving

With sobs I held you in my arms

I loved all of your charms

I'll never have that again

And I won't change over the weekend


You might be able to get by

I'm afraid I'm not content with that

But for you I'll really try

I'll give this a shot in the dark

You left in me the deepest mark

And erasing that will be

The hardest part of it all


This is our last kiss

And now I'm barely breathing

As you just let me go