Nothing's Ever Good Enough

If I had a choice where I born

Be here again I rather be torn

For nights and days

A puppet is I

A clown, servant, labor all mine

To please my "beloved" parents is my destiny

To give fame to them is my duty

To fill their avarice is the purpose of me

No thoughts I shall bear

No happiness is what I wear

An economic-success robot is what they need

Not a thing I've done is ever a good deed

To pursue their standard is the meaning of my life

Death is only thing I could sight

How I wish my miseries could be ended

Even going to hell sounds splendid

How I wished to be loved as who I am

But no is the answer they've condemned

My necessities by no means of trash

Serpents they are, strangle I found

I wonder why

A servant of my brother, is I?

Am I not born of them?

All aspects are known for me to be better

Why is he treated as if he's more preferred?

God, please turn my heart to stone-hard

So no pity for myself, no regard

My future there lays eternal darkness

Nothing else, other than shades I possess

My own dignity is there to suppress

All bits of pain for me to express

I'll none of it

Nor will I keep the last bits of passion for them

Their biddings I've done

Not a one I shun

And nothing's ever good enough