Who am I

I am from the planet called Sloth

Else in common term known as Mars

A dyed hair is what we all have

And pokey hairs as our holy staff

I am from a country called Melody

All the civilians there can write rhapsody

Trumpets and pianos are what I play

Something immense, and doesn't decay

I am from an island called Sanguine

Along with my friend who's a penguin

We all like to drink, play and dance

But we are good, with money and finance

I am from a city called Treachery

Mainly lies, along with mutiny

But really, I am a real hot-shot

Every mutiny, I carefully plot

I am from a forest called Passion

Especially what is now in fashion

Study is part of my passion of course

Teachers are my powering source

I am from a cave called friendly

That protects me from an evil call phoney

Excellence is my middle name

Not a thing, would I profane

I am from a tundra called eloquence

The air is filled with a little arrogance

But who in the world is not

So I deserve not be shot

I am from a peninsula called frenzy

Sometimes things go a little baloney

Once I was so hungry that I ate a banana without peal

And then a cow all in one meal

I am from a desert called malevolence

Darkness is my alliance

A portrait of me would go with reliance

Nevertheless, benevolence and I have a good compliance

I am from a flesh that is called Kevin

Blue is my favourite colour, and for number it's seven

Never would I be obsolescence

And that's all my quintessence