Alright so this is just something I wrote when I was bored…enjoy!!

Deeper Darkness, Eternal Light

Another day another soul

Another heart as black as coal

I hear again that one little word

Again the screams are all I heard

The waking dawn the coming night

I wish so much to find the light

My comfort again is only right here

Anywhere else and I only know fear

Till then the reigning sorrow bends

The merciless rage that never ends

Again the screams are all I heard

And then the faint cry of a bird

So quiet so small to dark to be seen

The little nightingale and her broken wing

"Why am I worried now?" I hear myself say

I haven't used my voice since that fateful day

In her eyes were fear and pain

I once again think "What to gain?"

I pick her up and let my hand glow

Healing her wing I let her know

I would help her for unknown reasons

As if it's different now just like the seasons

I woke up again gasping for air

And finally realize it was never there

Tell me what you think! Yea kinda...uhhh...I think the word i'm looking for is wierd, and the rhythm is kinda off but i like it...then again i wrote it...but there are some things that even the writers themselves cant believe they wrote...if you like u can press the button down there and R&R!