Not There But I love You

It was new years eve and London was the right place to be for parties and music. Though there was one party where the thirty-five year old male with long, fine blonde hair stood, holding a mobile phone to his ear. He was stood on the corner of the room that he himself had mostly designed and decorated for this party, this was his job, after all, and he loved spending time with the people that he had decorated the sets and backgrounds for their television shows. And as Nonty stood he gave a warm, charming smile to friends that walked by as they wondered who he would be talking to.

"But, Nonty… You promised me that you'd be home New Years Eve. I was looking forward to it."

"I know, William…" Nonty said in to the phone as he talked to his boyfriend. "But, it's going to be a problem to get back tonight. Anyway, I'll be home soon… It's not like you had cooked, right?" he asked. "We normally get a take-away." Nonty said.

William looked over the spread of food he made and the bottle of wine he had been saving, "No, Nonty, of course not." he lied sadly. "I just miss you, that's all…"

"I miss you too." Nonty told him, but William found this hard to believe as the cheer of people was heard and then Nonty laughing at them. "I'll tell you what… phone me when the clock strikes twelve! And, I'll get a taxi home tonight, so you can make me a wonderful breakfast tomorrow." He told William.

"Okay, I'll have it ready tomorrow, and I'll phone you in a bit then, Goodbye." William said and waited for a goodbye, but just a murmur as Nonty must has slipped his phone into his pocket.

When at last Big Ben was counting down the last ten seconds, William said, watching on the television, the phone in his hand, he smiled a little, looking at all the people, when the cloak struck twelve, William quickly dialled Nonty's number and put the phone to his ear, but there was only beeping and the annoying voice saying that this number was busy, try again later. William tried to get threw to Nonty, until the phone slipped from his ear and he fell asleep on the sofa of the almost empty home.

It was four in the afternoon when Nonty returned at his real home. The house was clean and tidy and the smell of bacon was very faintly stuck in the air. He placed a box in the ground by the front door. "William?" he called and then smiled when he saw his dark, short haired boyfriend come out of the kitchen.

"Nonty, where were you?" William asked. "I had breakfast ready for you."

"I'm sorry, had trouble." Nonty told him.

"You're not hurt, are you?" William asked, worried now.

"No, no, I'm okay, it's just that last night, Shane's girlfriend left him. Can you image it?" Nonty asked, "Right on New Years Eve. The evil cow dumped him… and told him in a text message."

"Shane?" William said quietly, though he knew full well who Nonty was talking about.

"Yes, Shane. You know Shane… one of the men that help me to make the sets." Nonty smiled.

"Oh… oh yes, Shane and Paul." William said, trying to hid the bitter feelings.

"Poor guy, I felt so sorry for him… image him being alone on New Year's Eve." Nonty sighed.

"Yeah… Image it." William said.

Nonty smiled, "Don't feel bad, William. It's okay, I went to see him to cheer him up, he wasn't alone, he cried on my shoulder most of the night."

William frowned a little at this, "Oh, joy." he said before turning and walking in to the living room where he sat. "It's funny how Shane wasn't actually alone then." he said and folded his arms. "You wouldn't even answer your phone to me."

"I couldn't, could I?" Nonty asked calmly as he came and sat next to William. "He was talking to me for ages." he said and put an arm around William. "I'm sorry, William. I was busy, but next year we could… go on holiday." he offered.

"Just us this time?" William asked. "Not Shane and Paul because you want to give them a brake as well?"

"No, just us, out in the sun and getting drunk." Nonty smiled as he saw in the corner of William's mouth, a faint flicker of a smile.

"Nonty, how about we go out now?" William said hopeful as he sat up a little and hugged Nonty. "We could take a walk."

"I wish I could, William, but there really are some things I have to be doing." Nonty replied.

"But… It's New Years Day." William said sadly. "No-one works New Years Day."

"Then I'll start a new beginning." Nonty said, trying to make William smile.

William didn't smile. He only looked at Nonty sadly, thinking about him spending the night at Shane's house in London.

"I brought you a gift." Nonty said quickly. "To say sorry for last night…" he said and quickly stood, going to the front door and picking up the box he had left on the floor. He returned to William, holding the box with air holes in and placed it on William's lap. "This is so you can always remember me when I'm not here."

William opened the box slowly to find a puppy. The puppy was a little Chihuahua that yapped as soon as it saw William. William smiled at it and gently lifted the puppy out of the box. "Nonty, I love her." he said as he looked at the puppies big ears. "Where did you get her? How?"

"Shane's dog had puppies not long ago, that's one of them." Nonty answered. "She is about 10 weeks old, I think."

William's face dropped as he had said Shane's name, but then pulled a smile, "I'll call her… Helena." He said and smiled as he let the puppy lick his face. "Please walk her with me Nonty." he said, looking up to him. "Please… it's just a walk."

"I can't, William. I'm sorry, I have to start working on something, there is a new celebrity Chief coming, they start filming soon. I have to design a great kitchen layout for him. How about tomorrow night we go out?" he asked and smiled.

"Okay." Nonty said, but his answer was hardly louder than a whisper.

"Good, make sure you're ready." Nonty smiled and pulled from his pocket a tiny bright pick collar and lead. William smiled as Nonty placed the collar on Helena, then clipped the lead on to the golden ring. "There you go." Nonty smiled and kissed William's cheek. "That will keep you busy, there is even a dog parlour not far from here you can take her to one day."

"But, Nonty, her hair isn't longer than half a centimetre…" William smiled and stood, Helena was on the floor, yapping every now and then. William smiled and walked to the door, taking Helena for her first walk, alone.

The next night, William was ready to go out. He had dressed himself up smartly in his favourite suit that Nonty had brought him for Christmas. He had been looking forward to going out for a long time now, Helena was sat on the table in front of the mirror that William was looking in as he brushed his hair. "You be good here on your own tonight, Helena, you have to guard the house. I'm really looking forward to this." he smiled and bent down to kiss her on her head between her big ears.

The bedroom door opened and Nonty walked in, "William, I'm sorry, something has come up." he said, holding his mobile phone down, his hand over the speaker. "I've got to shoot back to London. I'm sorry."

William's face dropped again and his smile disappeared. "What?" he asked quietly.

"It's Shane." Nonty said and looked to the phone, "He's really upset. I have to go, William."

"He's not the only one that's upset, Nonty." William said and looked away from him, sitting by the table, his feelings and heart crushed.

"It's not only that. I have to sort the set out for the chief…" Nonty said. "We want his show on as soon as we can." he said and walked to William, placing a hand on his shoulder. "I just have to help Shane, he has asked for my help."

William closed his eyes, "Nonty. Have you got any New Years Resolutions yet?"

"No." Nonty answered after thinking about it. "No… Not really."

"Can I make up one for you?" William asked and then looked up to Nonty as he nodded. "I want you to stay faithful to me."

"What?" Nonty asked and laughed a little.

"I'm not kidding, Nonty. I mean this and I want you to promise it." William said and a tear ran down his cheek as he hugged Helena close. "And I want you to take Helena with you. So you might just be able to think of me this time." he said as he stood and walked to the bathroom, closing to door and then sinking to the ground.

Nonty watched him, "… Okay, I promise it and… if you want, I'll take her." he said, looking to the bathroom door.

"Just go, Nonty. I'll see you soon." William said, not moving.

Nonty sighed and gently picked up the small dog before going to get his paper work in their folders, he left the house within ten minutes to catch a taxi.

It was two days after Nonty had gone. William had tried to phone him, though it had always been very, very short phone calls, even at night. Nonty had always had to go because he was busy, or he had to go and see someone. William went the third day without any phone call. He was expecting Nonty the next day and had decided to make Nonty's favourite food: Roast lamb. He had gone out to the shops and brought everything. Fresh for the next night. When the fourth day came, he smiled as the phone ring and picked it up, "Nonty?" he asked fast and then his face lit up to hear Nonty's voice.

"Hello, William." he said kindly. "Look, I know I'm meant to be home tonight, but something has come up again."

"But, Nonty, I've made you roast lamb and everything, Even brought made a chocolate cake and made Helena a mini roast for her return." William said as his heart felt shattered.

"… I'm sorry." Nonty said quietly. "The set it almost finished. It's the best yet, I think, you'd love it, hot pink and black, black marble and these amazing lights that just make you what to fall in love with it."

William sadly looked over his roast dinner and then the cake. "Nonty…"

"William, I'm sorry, I really am, if I could be there, I would. But this chief I have been doing the set for has asked me to go around his and take pictures and planning papers. He wants me to design his own kitchen."

"Can you not do that now and then make it home for dinner?" William asked. "I'll try and cook it as slow as I could."

"No." Nonty replied. "I can't… It'll be too much of a rush… and this chief: Vincent has offered to cook for me."

"I cooked for you, Nonty." William said quietly and closed his eyes.

"I know…" Nonty replied and sighed. "But It'll be okay… I'll be around Vincent's tonight late, he said he is cooking lobster. I'm looking forward to it. I'm sorry about not being there for you."

"Where were you yesterday?" William asked sadly. "I tried to phone you, but there was nothing and you didn't try and phone me.

"I'm sorry, something came up. Shane was upset and I went around to see him. We ended up getting drunk and passing out on the sofa." Nonty told him. "Helena is fine though."

"Nonty." William said slowly as a tear ran down his cheek. "If you love me, you'll be here tonight."

"That's not fair, William. I have a job to do." Nonty said and looked around the set of people, waiting for his advice.

"It wasn't fair when you wasn't here New Year's Eve. Or when you didn't take a walk with me. And it wasn't fair that you had to go back to see Shane when we were meant to go out, and it's not fair now. It's been four days." William told him. "I miss you, Nonty. If you can go to London when you are with me, then you can come home from London now. I'm giving you until nine o'clock tonight to be here, one minute late and you've lost me forever."

"William!" Nonty said fast. "Don't be stupid." he told him.

William sighed, "Until Nine o'clock, Nonty… that's it. If you love me, you'd be here." He said and Nonty listened as the phone went dead. He quickly tried to re-dial, but William had unplugged the phone.

"I have to go." he told his friends, they tried to talk him out of it, but Nonty shook his head, "I have to." he told them and put paper work in front of them, "Just follow my notes…" he told them before he walked off and whistled, "Helena?" he called and searched for the little dog. "Quick, Helena! We have to save William!" he told her and picked up her lead as she sat, looking at the table of food. Nonty tugged a few times on the thin lead as he hurried out of the building, the collar had slipped over the puppies head as Nonty stumbled into a black cab. He tugged the lead in and told the cab driver to go. He rushed his words before he leant back into the seat and smiled, "That was close, Helena." he said and looked to the empty collar on the end of the lead. He gasped and searched the taxi floor, then his eyes looked out of the back window to see Helena scared and running under the peoples feet. "Stop!" Nonty called and quickly opened the door and rushed out in to the street, dodging one car before nearly getting hit by another taxi pulling away. Nonty made it to the path and looked for the puppy, she ran out by his feet, and into the busy road. Without thinking about the danger, Nonty ran out after her, He had cleared the first lane of traffic, but as he reached the second lane, and went to pick up the dog, he was hit by a car and sent flying to the ground.

Nonty woke up in hospital, his leg and arm in a cast. His eyes moved around to see that no-one was at his side, apart from the one person that loved him dearly… William and the little dog, Helena.