never get to heaven with you.

love makes a sun in the starry night

the lovers don't notice

there's nothing to have.

la de la de dee

la de la de la

when he was by her side

she felt protected

and their lips were sticky passion

storm rays halved the souls

for that reason... we feel holes in our hearts?

from so long time ago

I haven't seen a rainbow

can I take my favorites colors

to make one?

a wish comes true

as hope ignites.

she won't go to his funeral

in his tomb there won't be tears

nor peonies bouquet

just a final song

grapes wine to stifle the anguishes.

la de la de dee

la de la de la

love was between her fear to live

and his fear to love

but I know their warm feeling

will fly to the heavens

and the endless hurt will finish.

this story can be you lived sometime

darling, you looked for happy endings

and you were so far apart to see

I wasn't there already.

la la de dee la

la la de la

have you ever felt holes in your heart?