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This can't be good. He thought as his deep brown eyes gazed upon the dark clouds that spoke of rain. He hated first days back in class. He was the type of person that hated introductions, hated being scrutinized, hated coming back to the same prejudice. He adjusted his glasses as he entered his classroom.

"Jay, you are so lame," Michael De Leon bellowed for all the class to hear. His jokes get lamer each year, his brian cells must be running low, Jay speculated.

Jay made his was to one of the vacant spaces in the first row, ignoring the torrent of laugher from his classmates. Jay sighed as he resigned himself that this year would be no different from the last. He would still be the object of mockery and still would be sitting alone today at lunch like he actaully had any choice.

Jay was a high school senior, which meant one more year of suffering in the hands of Michael De Leon and his cronies. Juan Carlo Dela Cruz was his name, and he lived in Pangasinan where their family of four survived on the few crops they grew. "Jay" was his attempt at a bit of normalcy, but what is in a name right?

Pulling out an old dog-eared notebook, Jay sat in the front row corner and started coming up with another masterpiece. He was at the top of his class and was a writer, a good one at that. His black hair slightly falling over his dark brown eyes as he writes, he was not unattractive at all; he had features most girls ogled at and would be a 5'6" tall, but of course that would be if he could actually stand. He is a cripple due to a birth defect, obliged to live the rest of his life on a wheelchair. His toned upper body was due to pushing his second, third, hand wheelchair around.

Mr. Reyes called him to recite, Jay answered correctly again, as rain began to fall outside.


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