A Memory

A sweet thing a distant thought

A lazy summer's day a cold winter night

Catching the fireflies under the light of the moon

Drinking hot chocolate after building a snowman

These thoughts whip around our minds

Slowly day turns to night and night turns to day

And those things cease to become reality

Only a mere thought

But theses thoughts don't just fade away

There are ways to trace them to once again relive them

Rummage through boxes and dig through your mind

Find away to trigger these thoughts

Grab friends and family

Look through pictures

Find away to make theses thoughts become real

Imagine what it would be like again

Cotton candy at the boardwalk

The leaves changing colors

Cling to theses thoughts and lose yourself

Go back, back to when nothing mattered

Everything was carefree

When five dollars meant you were rich

When you were swinging it was like you were flying through the skies like a bird

No one was cooler than that big brother or sister

Life was so new and everything was a game

No one thought anything bad could happen and everyone was safe

Life was so simple

And now

We're jerked back from the voyage in our thoughts

And every one of those things has become

Dimmer and darker as they fade away in to the depth of our mind

So now they are

A sweet thing a distant thought

Or better yet

A memory.