Would You?

Infinite thoughts race through my mind of lead

On this overwhelming night of such event

And not a soul seems to be capable of taming

My rampant thoughts

The merciless beasts raging on and on

Ravenous beings restricted by the mere ounce of control

I somehow sling to

But I'm beginning to doubt my amateur restraints

They will soon break free

So crazed by such freedom

Where, oh where, can these unbridled thoughts turn to?

Maybe you

If indeed you are up to the challenge

Of facing my overbearing and clever pessimism

It's outsmarted my varied tactics to quell it so far

Will you be able to change all of that?

Tell me

Will you be there when I need to collapse

Into someone's arms and sob my demons away?

Do you even care enough to do so?

Please, out of respect

Speak nothing but the truth

Do you care for me enough that you

Almighty you

Would lend me your patience and cheerful demeanor

And prevent me from plummeting another time?