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Chapter 2:

Gregor grabbed the baby and ran for his life.

"Stop thief!" yelled a fire fighter. Gregor looked behind him and saw a man standing and watching him. Gregor not knowing what to do ran, he saw a window ahead, and jumped…

Luckily, he had a parachute strapped to his back and he pulled the cord as he fell the 20 stories. "Wait," he thought. "Where the hell did I get this parachute?"

"Dude, you always carry a parachute, duh…" Jumbanjobijibotron informed him from Gregor's arms.

"Oh right," Gregor murmured thoughtfully. "So anyway I've got a flight booked to China. Plane leaves at 7:00. You up for it?"

"Well sure, why not, China's a great place. I hear they've got a lot of cool things."


Kremlin crawled under her hospital bed and pigged out on her box of 24 doughnuts that Jumbanjobijibotron snuck into her room late last night…

As she was pigging out the hot doctor entered the room. "Kremlin! What the hell are you doing?" he yelled, shocked.

Kremlin grinned a chocolate smile. "I'm eating doughnuts!" she announced proudly.

The doctor, slightly disturbed by her grin, said cautiously, "Kremlin…where did you get those?"

She giggled crazily. "Jumbanjobijibotron gave them to me last night! Hehe!"

As Kremlin stared at the hot doctor he suddenly morphed into a chocolate doughnut. "Kremlin, it's not healthy to eat food."

"But doctor…" Kremlin said in between bites of his head. "Yumm!!" Kremlin groaned as she bit his ear.

"Noooo! Noooo!" the hot doctor screamed. A nurse ran in and began beating Kremlin with a bat.


Jumbanjobijibotron was hooking up bombs onto his and Gregor's plane. "These will go off in 2 days!" Jumbi (his nickname) laughed evilly. "Mawahaahaahaaha…"

"Oh my God Jumbi, what the hell are you talking about?" Gregor exclaimed as the plane took off without them. "I was hooking up bombs to the plane," Jumbi answered innocently.

"Dude, maybe I should take you to the psych ward, those are just baby bottles," Gregor informed him.

"Oh ho ho, but you don't know what those bottles contain. It's completely flammable and shall destroy the plane and its entire contents." Jumbanjobijibotron laughed manically.

"Umm…k Jumbi, that's enough, time to go to bed." The two of them walked away from the airport hand in hand.

At the hospital…

"Thank god for you, hot nurse!"

"You're welcome, hot doctor."

"What shall we do with this body?"

"I don't know it's too big to hide or move."

"I know let's cover it with the carpet!"

"Oh…" the doctor and nurse heard from under the carpet. "What happened to me? Why does my head hurt? And why am I under a carpet?"

The doctor and nurse shared a quick nervous glance. She wasn't dead! If Kremlin found out what they were trying to do she'd sue them.

The doctor quickly lifted the carpet. "Umm…you were having a nervous breakdown so we decided to try this new carpet therapy!"

"Yeah that's right!" the nurse agreed eagerly.

"Well, seems like it worked. I'm in tip-top shape. See ya!" And Kremlin signed out of the hospital and quickly went to the airport Gregor was scheduled for.

Kremlin grabbed onto the wing of the airplane not wiling to let her love Gregor leave for plants. While in the air Kremlin found bottles. She had forgotten to prepare a snack for her trip. So she drank the substances in the baby bottles not giving it a second thought.

"Oh man, I feel sick," Kremlin moaned. "What the hell was in those bottles?" Just then someone noticed Kremlin on the wing.

"Ah…there's someone on the wing!" they screamed.

"Not no more, she just fell," said another man.

"Oh all right, how about everyone forgets they saw anything and we'll be on our way," said the pilot, nervously/cheerfully.

As Kremlin was falling she pulled out a Red Bull™ out of her rolls and drank it. Now she had wings so she flew smoothly down to the ground.

"Hellerz! I'm still alive?" Kremlin screamed as she grabbed a sword hidden behind a tree and stabbed herself 8 times.

"Whew," Kremlin wiped her brow from sweat. "Where the hell did that thought come from? I think I should check myself into the psych ward before I find Gregor."

And she flew back to the hospital.


"Why are we going back to the hospital?" Jumbi asked curiously.

"We're going to take a nap," Gregor said.

They entered the hospital and went to the desk. "Hi, I need to check this baby I stole back into the psych ward. He's nuts!" Gregor informed.

Gregor said bye to Jumbi and went home.

"Hey Krem, looks like you've been through hell today," Gregor said as he got home and found her there waiting for him, leaves in her hair.

"Yeah I…"

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