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Cinderella Man

I watch as you go about straight'ning the room,

Picking up your boots that are strewn on the floor,

"Pumpkin, you know I can't stay through the night,

You know that cannot be, I've to be back before light,"

"I know," I whisper as you shrug on your coat,

And turn up your collar to ward off the cold.

I see you reach for the ring like you always do,

Then smile back bitterly "You know I cannot leave clues."

You bend down to kiss me, the last for this time,

That's supposed to last me through this cold lonely night,

I know better than to whisper "Please love, just leave her,"

Better than to beg you "Please, just stay forever,"

You walk determinedly towards that door,

I hold my tongue knowing I cannot ask for more,

And I watch as you move further down the lane,

There'll be no magic wand, no one to ward off the pain.

Alone I notice the magic gradually fade away,

Along with the few traces left of the love that we made,

Half the slipper of your life I keep to myself,

All that's left for me when the clock strikes twelve.