I hear the screams,
I see the cuts,
It's all too obvious to hide.
Abusive, it's what he is,
There's nothing to do about it.

Excruciating pain, it's all that I can bear,
No one's around to hear.
My screams, my pleas,
The blood runs down.

No tears fall from my eyes,
But it doesn't matter at all.
No water, no salt, but the drops of blood
Are my tears,
My tears of blood,
My tears of pain,
Sorrow, hatred, regret,
Love, betrayal,
Lust for blackness.

I don't want to love you,
I don't want to love you,
I don't want to love you,
I shouldn't love you!
But I can't help it.

Why do you think you hurt me so badly,
Every time you scar my face?
Why do you think I stand for what you do,
Unless I can't help but love you?
Quit pretending, for both our sakes,
That mask is despicable;
I can barely take the pretending any more.

You're pushing me under.
You're drawing the blood.
Don't keep it up,
Because you're tearing me down.
Don't leave me bleeding,
My life is draining,
It's all your fault
But you don't take responsibility.

You say I deserve it,
I bring it upon myself.
If I keep it up,
You'll keep tearing me down.
My fortitude, ruined,
My life, down the drain,
My health, gone,
My heart, hard.

I can't keep letting you push me under,
But no matter how hard I try,
You won't let up.
Get off, let go,
Or I'll do it myself.

Eyes of coal, black, hard,
I look up, I'm greeted by that gaze.
I can't take it any more!
I'm six feet under,
More than that,
Too low for anyone to see.

I'm closer to the edge,
Closer to the cliff,
Don't push me over, please!

Two-faced, you're a lie.
You trick me, I can't see through the lies.
But look at me, what I've become.
I'm numb to you,
Down to my core,
These scars can never heal.

Not from blades, though sometimes
I wish they were.
Down, beneath the surface,
In my heart, a permanent mark.
The blood on my arms,
My face, can be cleansed,
But the blood now on your hands
Shall always be there.

Don't do it, don't hurt me,
I can't take it again!
Don't push me under,
I'm drowning! Offer your hand,
Please, help me,
Not a fist, not a knife,
I need a helping hand!

I'm going under,
Offer your hand,
I'm six feet under,
You're pushing me deeper!
No one can find me now,
But can't you offer your hand?

I'm going under,
I'm too deep to come up,
My breathing is failing,
There's no air to breathe.
I'm in too deep,
These scars can never heal.
No more,
I can't take any more!
Don't hurt me,
Because I can't take it any more.

I'm in too deep,
Never to be found.
Don't offer your hand,
It would only hurt more.
Leave, before I make you,
Because these scars can never heal.