NOW ... another fork in the road, another grab bag of decisions.

To go this way, or that way, or yet another method of travel.

Places and faces fade in and out of the pregnant fog of the future

Barefoot for a time I must walk. Will you pass me on the road

And give me thought? Or, are you too harried, in your own world?

Will something tell you it's ok, and pick me up?

Can trust and care and love be a diamond for you?

Or has bad experiences alchemically converted them to talc?

I am a calculator, though I am bad at math.

I wish for the Probability Theory to work it out for me.

Favor me, for have I not increased the odds for me

With my upside down heart, taking from Above and giving it to here Below.

I wish I could flip to the back of the book, turn it upside down.

Perhaps with a few clicks find the FAQ to my life.

Maybe it is in your eyes, in your heart, in your soul?

Does this lesson lessen me in your eyes?

Won't you lift my serpent in the desert like God taught Moses to do?

Can you make this branch bud like Aaron's rod?

I know you don't gamble, but could you for me?

The House always wins, but that's ok because it's made of glass

Of crystal, actually, letting light through to us impure ones

We pre-Cathars, looking to become yoked to this Lord.

You know who I speak of, his name echoes in his Crystal Court

Seven stars holds he, his bosom bursts open with manna for us all

He holds the knife to cut the hanging man loose, upside down he dances!

Dance to a new tune, where the moon amplifies it, adds harmony

To the sun's laughing alto, joined by Vivaldi violins.

Life is too short not to long for this! Join this and gain true bliss!