"Collette, Rose!" Emma sat up and yelled, panicking. Collette had suddenly gone still and was just dangling in James' grip.

"W-what's going on?" Sissy helped Emma up.

"It's a battle to save the world." Jacob explained while watching James, hoping Collette was still breathing. "He's going to throw her." He said suddenly. "I need someone to catch her while we make a dash for Rose."

"But…how do you know?" Sissy gave him a confused look.

"I just do."

Sissy nodded and looked up at Butch. "Get ready." He nodded and stepped forward, watching James and Collette closely.

"Now, c'mon let go!" Jacob ordered and the group bolted into a run. James noticed them, threw Collette into the air and threw his arm out, sending her flying. Butch caught her. James turned his attention to the other three and started throwing psychic attacks at them. The trio dodged when Jacob told them too and finally reached Rose. "Now Emma, I need you to slow James down."

"Ok." She turned to face James and closed her eyes. The trio disappeared from his sight as the world around him turned dark.

"Wh-what the?" He spun around quickly and growled. "I'll get you Emma!"

"Collette…Collette, wake up."

"Hm…what? Who's there?" Collette's eyelids fluttered open, meeting another pair of gold eyes.

"Ah, good." The person sat back. She smiled down at Collette and stroked her hair. "I figured we should finally meet."

"Who are you? Where am I?"

"I'm your ancestor, Elisa Sanders. And…well, you're dead." She winced slightly. "Sorry…"

"I…he won?"

"Yes, his last attack broke every bone in your body and crushed your organs…I won't go into more detail."

"No…he can't win…I have to beat him…" She squeezed her eyes shut.

"He used Rose's life energy to open the portal, instead of his own; otherwise he wouldn't be so strong."

"Elisa." She opened her eyes again. "You have to help me, please. Jacob, Greg and Emma…they need me."

"I guess…we could to a merge, like they did."

"Yes, please."

"Ok…but that thing." She pointed to the collar. "That futuristic technology has to go."

"I can't get it off…"

"Nonsense!" Elisa put her finger to the collar and it snapped off. "There we go. Now, it's time to beat our ancestor for good."

Collette nodded. "For good."

"I can't keep this up!" Emma yelled and held her head. "He's over powering me!"

"Hold on a bit longer, Em'." Jacob urged. "Collette will wake soon!"

"What do we do if she doesn't?" Greg looked at Jacob, lifting up Rose.

"She will, I can see it. Now c'mon." He bolted back to Sissy and Butch. The other partiers had taken cover in the gym. Greg set Rose down next to Collette.

"What about Emma?...Jacob!"

"She'll be ok, trust what I can see."

"I do…but…"

"She's not breathing…I've tried everything." Sissy looked down at Collette, wiping tears from her face. "She's not going to come back!"

"She is!" Jacob yelled and watched Collette's body. "Any second now…"

Collette gasped as her eyes snapped open. She looked at all the faces above her, slightly confused. "Erm…oh yeah!" She sat up, the collar falling away as she did.

"Collette!" Greg's eyes grew wide. "But…how?"

"I'll explain later!" She jumped to her feet and disappeared into thin air.

Emma fell to her knees and looked down at the ground, hearing James' menacing laugh. He powered up a psychic attack. "Collette…" She whispered. The attack flew towards her, she heard everyone scream her name. She braced herself for the worse…but it never came.

"You called?"

Emma looked up in disbelief; it had to be a dream. "Collette?"

"Erm…kind of." She smirked over her shoulder. "Do you really think I'd let you get hurt?"

"I…er…no." She shook her head. "But he…and you…"

"It's all going to be sorted." She winked. "Now go join J and Greg, I'll cover you."

"Right." She nodded and got to her feet, running as fast as her legs could carry her.

"Why won't you die!?" James yelled and threw another attack. Collette gracefully deflected it.

"Well…" She reached down to the bottom of her dress and ripped a slit in it, stopping at her thigh. "I know people in…different places." She looked up at him and smirked.

He growled. "Elisa!"

"Aww, I'm so glad you remember me, Damian!" Collette smiled. "Now, enough of the reunion, it's time to put you back where you came from!"

"No, I've worked to hard and waited so long for this. You can't defeat me, neither of you can!"

"We'll see." Collette threw her arms into the air and ground rose up, moving towards James. He leapt over it and appeared in front of Collette, punching her deep in the stomach.

"Yes, we shall see." He smirked and threw her into the air. She levitated herself and caught her breath.

"Collette, watch out!" Jacob yelled as huge, thick roots shot up from the trees and wrapped around Collette. James laughed.

"A mix of Emma's illusion technique and Jacob's premonition makes everything I imagine real."

"Great." Collette struggled in the roots. "But he hasn't used hypnosis yet." He'll use that later, to control everyone…when we're gone. "I won't let him, Elisa."

"C'mon Collette!" Jacob urged. "You can beat him!"

"Can she?" Sissy asked, watching Collette with fear in her eyes and concern in her voice.

"Well I hope so." A voice said behind them. The group spun around and their eyes grew wide in surprise.

"Adam!" They chorused.

"Hey guys, I've brought the syndicate to help." He thumbed over to a group of people in hooded cloaks, holding candles.

"But how can they help?" Emma looked to the group and then back to Adam.

"Well…it concerns you and your powers…they're going to give them to Collette, to help her." He looked up to Collette and then down to James. "But you have to accept it."

"Of course!" Greg clenched his fist. "If it'll help Collette, I'll do anything."

"Same here." Jacob looked to Collette. "She is family after all."

"I'm in too! I owe it to her."

Adam nodded and looked to the cloaked group; they started to chant an ancient language. "This won't hurt a bit." The trio nodded and turned to watch Collette.

"What's that chanting?" Collette looked down to the cloaked group. "What are they doing? Why are the guys glowing?" They're giving their power to you, Collette. It won't hurt them. "If you say so…" She watched as a bright light shot out of the trio, up into the sky and down into Collette, creating a beautiful golden arch in the night sky.

"No!" James yelled and threw his arm out, sending the group flying along with Adam and the syndicate. Collette burst free from the roots and charged down to James.

Ready? "When you are." She tackled him and pinned him with her power and slowly reached down, putting her hand into James' chest and pulled out a small, white ball. James screamed in protest and returned back into his old self. Collette looked at the white ball and raised a brow. "This is it? This is Damian?" Yeah, put him back…quickly. She nodded and threw the ball into the gaping hole that closed behind it.

"That's it?" Greg asked. "It's over?"

"I guess…" Jacob rubbed his head. "And Collette changed history!"

"Collette!" Emma hugged her tight. "It's over!"

"Yeah…it is." She looked to be smiling to herself, but she was smiling at Elisa, who smiled back.

"No it isn't!" A voice boomed out and the hole tore open again. The white claw reached out and grabbed James, pulling him inside the hole.

"Whoa!" Collette took a step back, holding Emma as everything started to sway towards the hole. A tree uprooted and was sucked into the hole. Everyone looked to Collette.

"No…" Emma buried her head in Collette's side.

"I've got to…hopefully it will close after me…" She plucked the illusionist from her side and looked to the group. "Later guys…have a fun life without me…"

"Bye Collette…I'll miss you…" Greg looked to the ground.

"I'll miss you too." She smiled slightly then kisses Emma on the head. "You as well."

"How can you be so casual!?" Jacob stepped forward and clenched his fists. "You're going to…to…"

"I know…I'm trying to make it easier…" She sighed. "I'll see you in the next life." She turned and headed towards the hole.

"Collette wait!" Jacob ran after her and grabbed her wrist. "Look…I know we're family…but…I…"

She turned and kissed him. "It's about time you told me…" She smiled slightly and kissed him on the cheek. "C'ya, take care of Em for me." She gave one last wave to the group, leapt into the hole and it closed behind her.

Nine months later, Pete, Sally Greg, Emma and Jacob stood at the foot of a memorial that was built for Collette in the school park. A statue of a guitar. In Sally's arms was a small bundle, a baby girl with light brown eyes, almost gold. Her name, Collette Jayne Sanders.

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