"I Love Suicide" Sounds Better

I see you slip your lies in your back pocket before we
go out for the night
spares, in case the old reliables don't trick me this time
maybe if you wake up and see that every time you lie
I see right through you
I just let it slide
then you would realize that
you've brought me so many insecurities
if you leave I may not find ANOTHER
love will keep us together
(even if you're lying, even if I'm crying)
life's to short to waste on the truth
(life's to short to waste on you)
I'll take my gun and shoot you point blank
turn it on me (that's how we'll end our date)
suicide sounds better mixed with murder
and love sounds better mixed with lies, razors, sex
and I sound better when I don't sound so desperate
and you give me a smile
and I melt into your arms
for you again)