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Chapter 1

Cherry lip gloss

Everyone always said that they wished they could be like me but what they didn't know is that I would wish I could be a little more like them. "Goldberg High" was basically my second home. Everyone knew me and everyone loved me, well almost everyone. I guess you could say that I was popular. I hate that word though, "popular." Who determines who is popular and who isn't? I know it isn't based on their personality because besides Mary Joe, Elizabeth, Drew and I, the rest of the "popular" kids were just down right selfish bastards who loved to let people know that they had power. Whatever that means.

My brother Kit was one of those selfish bastards. At least when he was around his friends. When it was just me and him he was really quite nice and fun to hang out with. Him being a year older than me though made it so he had the overprotective brother act going on all the time. If a guy even tried to smile at me he would be on top of him making a threat not to come near me. Of course this didn't stop guys from asking me out all the time, I just always said no. Why go out with a guy if you know that all he wants is to get into your pants? Kits best friend Carson was always around. He was like another brother to me, always making fun of me and playing pranks on me just to make me scream or make me jump freakishly high . I have to admit though he had the prettiest eyes I'd ever seen. They were sky blue with a mix of gold in them! It was like he had shooting stars in his eyes.

"Asia!" I turned my head to see my brother walking down our grand staircase towards the kitchen. "Hurry up! I'm not waiting for you to do your fucking makeup!"

I finished putting on my light green cashmere sweater with the low "V" neck that hugged my body as if I were giving it life to live. I quickly scrambled to find my cherry lip gloss that I would put on in the truck.

"I'm coming! Just give me a second will ya!" I shouted back at him annoyed.

I took the lip gloss and placed it in the back pocket of my jeans that I had grabbed out of the laundry pile. I slipped my manicured toes into my worn out converse and pulled my long dark auburn hair back into a messy bun. By miracle I still managed to pull off the "yeah. I know I'm sexy but you're going to have to work for it" look. I ran out of my room grabbing my adorable yellow leather purse and my binder that contained everything I needed to survive all my classes for the day.

"God what took you so long?"

I glanced at Kit and gave him a dirty look.

"You only had to wait five minutes Kit and we're not late so stop being such a baby."

With that, a small smirk spread across his face. He always loved it when I would set him straight because it reassured him that I wouldn't take any bullshit from anyone. Kit put his foot on the break giving it some pressure while the truck slowed down for the stop sign . As he turned left onto Crescent Rd. He turned on his favorite CD. Enya. Only Kit, Carson and I knew about his secret passion for Enyas melodic voice.

We pulled into Carson's driveway right as Carson was walking out his red painted door. Oh my god he looks so hott! Shit! I'm not supposed to think like that about him ! His light blonde suffer hair blew into his eyes as he made his way to our car.

"Hey." he said rather smoothly brushing his shaggy hair out of his way .

He looked over at me with his shooting star eyes and winked at me. His rather red lips curled into a mouth watering half smile, "You look sexy today Asia. Your brother and I are going to have to keep all those horny bastards away from you again."

I love his smile. He's so cute when he smiles. DAMN! Not again. For the past three weeks I've been having these thoughts and it's SOO annoying. It's not like I like him or anything.

I walked into the girls restroom the minute I got to school. Mary Joe had called me on my cell to tell me to meet her there, that it was an emergency. As I closed the door I heard the sound of crying . No. Not crying. Sobbing. MAJOR sobbing. As I opened the second to last stall I found Mary Joe trying to comfort the blubbering Elizabeth. My eyes locked with Mary Joe's pleading eyes and I knew exactly what had happened.

"He dumped you again? Oh Hun its okay. You had to have seen it coming this is, what, the forth time? In the past two months."

"Five. Five times." Elizabeth mumbled between sobs.

Why does she let him treat her like this? She deserves so much better! I just want to shake her!

"Damn it Elizabeth! Stop crying over Jake! He's just a bastard who's using you!" Whoa. Where did that come from?

Both Mary Joes and Elizabeth's eyes became rather large and their mouths became slightly ajar.

"Where did that come from?" Mary Joe asked slightly shocked.

"Oh gosh. I'm so sorry Liz. I'm just a little out of it today." Why the hell did I yell at her like that? God how stupid can I get?

"No. N-no. It's alright. You're right." Elizabeth sighed.
She wiped the tears from her pale freckled face with the back of her hand and silently walked out of the bathroom.

Mary Joe looked at me with her arms crossed, head tilted and then raised her voice, "What the hell Asia! What the hell was that?"

"I don't know." I mumbled softly looking down at the blue tiled floor.

"That's bullshit and you know it."

"I. I think ... I think that maybe.... I kinda sorta like.... Carson."
I looked up at her totally embarrassed and I could feel my cheeks burning. Silence spread while she looked at me hard. Then her eyes softened and she took my hand .

The bell rang.

"Asia. We'll talk about this at lunch. Its okay. Who wouldn't fall for him? He's fucking hott!"
She laughed, nudged my shoulder and left for class. I stayed there and stared at the mirror.

I stared at my chestnut brown eyes start to water then stopped myself knowing that my long thick eyelashes would smear all over my cheeks from the mascara. Remembering my cherry lip gloss I reached in my back pocket and brushed my bangs out of my eyes. The gloss felt so good on my full lips. Cherry lip gloss was my favorite because my mom used to wear it all the time before she had died. She used to tell me that all you need in life is cherry lip gloss. It had a sweet scent that always made you smile, gave your lips a luscious look, and if you were ever nervous it would taste good. When I got nervous I would always bite my lip, sometimes until it would bleed.

The tardy bell sounded but I didn't move a muscle. I no longer cared about mascara running down my face or the reputation I was supposed to withhold. The first tear stung my cheek and burned in deep like fire and the rest came down like a flash flood. I dropped to the floor and laid on the cold blue tile. I just laid there with a tear stained face like a helpless bird that had been wounded. Why am I so upset? Why ... why do I have feelings for Carson ? He's always been such a jerk to everyone...... but not as much of a jerk to me. God! I haven't had a breakdown since mom died. What the hell triggered this? I need Kit. I need my brother. He was there... he was there last time... he was there.. he was ... for me. I need him.

Slowly I sat up and leaned against the wall. My head was pounding as if there were a hundred drums being played inside. I wiped my face with the back of my hand and then hugged my knees tightly. come on girl you need to suck it up.

Walking into my Chemistry class was probably one of the easiest things to do. No one even noticed that I had just come in late (not even Mrs. Garble ), or that I had just had one of my only breakdowns ever. When I took my seat next to Drew though, well that wasn't so easy.

With a raised eyebrow and a twinkle of worry in his eyes Drew whispered in my left ear, "What happened to you? You look horrible! Did someone put you in a blender and push the button drain out the life? You look like them emos."

I shot a warning glance at him which made him shut up (at least for a moment). Drew? He noticed something was wrong? Him? Out of everyone else? Well he is one of my best friends.... but still.

"Asia! Will you please pay attention?" Mrs. Garble snapped as she plugged in the overhead.
I looked up and smiled sweetly before replying,
"Sorry Mrs. Garble, Drew and I were just discussing the importance of the Periodic Table."
I always knew what to say to get out of trouble. All of my teachers thought I was a wonderful. Partly because I actually did all my school work and passed the classes with a B at the lowest. To everyone around me.... I was perfect.

Drew couldn't keep his eyes off of her. He was worried. She looks so sad and lifeless he thought as he realized that her face was stained with tears (they were hardly noticeable unless you looked intently and carefully at her like Drew always did). Suddenly Drew realized that Bridget was talking to him. He looked away from Asia and looked into the desperate eyes of his classmate. Bridget was always flirting with Drew, and always hoping he would flirt back, but he never did. She was his "number one fan" as she put it, but Drew had always had someone in his mind that he wanted, someone he could never be with.

After taking very tedious and tiring notes about the elements of the periodic table and watching "Myth Busters" the bell finally rang. Before he could even tap Asia on the shoulder or say her name she was gone. He saw her through the class window as she disappeared around the corner. It was like she was smoke, he was trying to catch her with his hands but she just slipped right through his fingers.

"Damn it Asia! Why do you do this to me?" Drew said rather loudly but everyone had already left the class except for Mrs. Garble.

He glanced consciously over at his teacher who had head phones on. Thank God! Good thing she is trying to stay "hip" Drew thought to himself thankfully. He let out a long sigh realizing he forgot to breath for a minute, and he slowly walked out the door with an air of hope surrounding him.

My heart was racing. It was racing. Why? Why is my heart racing? My eyelids are so heavy .... I'll just close them for...a mmiinu..... I fell asleep. Right after the bell had rung I rushed out of the class like no other. I didn't want to talk to Drew. I didn't want to know that he could read me that easy. Not even Kit could read me that easily. So I went to Karkallas Park a couple of blocks away from school. So what if I was ditching for the first time in my life! I just couldn't be around people.... people expecting me to be flawless. As I laid there with the semi-stiff grass poking me through my clothes, my mind slowly began to drift away with the slight breeze that lingered in the air.

All of a sudden I was standing on the ash of an old house that had been burned down years ago. It was Mary Joe's old house. The one that burned down when we were nine years old. A bone chilling wind went through me as I stood there looking out on the barren landscape that surrounded me, and what was left of lost memories. The sky looked threatening as if it could sense my sadness and wanted to swallow me whole. Then wind came again and with it the whisper of a familiar voice. Don't forget who you are and what you stand for. Though it was a whisper, it was strong and didn't falter. Then with out any warning everything went black.

"Well, well, well. Look who I found ditching."

I opened my eyes and closed them quickly at the sudden brightness that came from the sun. After A moment I looked back up to see the mocking face of Carson staring at me with a half smile and his left eyebrow raised. I sat up slowly still a little disoriented from my dream. It was a dream.... right? Of course it was. I mean it.... Oh my god. Why is Carson standing over me? I suppose he could sense the confusion I was struggling with so he sat down next to me and smiled.

"So what's going on my little Asian?"

He always called me a "little Asian" because of my name and always said I was adopted and that I came from Asia and didn't belong here. He made me cry once because of it. I didn't answer him. I just sat there in silence and stared at him as if I had never seen him before.

"You okay Asia?"

He gave me a worried look and then decided to stare right back at me. I burst into a jumble of laughter while he sat there and smirked. Since when did he make me laugh like this? Laugh like we're friends?

"Come on." Carson stood up and looked down at me expectantly.

"Uh. What?" I asked clearly bewildered.

"Asia if you're going to ditch then you have to do it right," he said with a wicked and playful grin.
Before I could even register what he was talking about he took my hand and pulled me up and away from my resting spot that still had my imprint engraved into he grass, and the memory of a dream that for now had been forgotten.

"Mary Joe! Wait up."
Drew scrambled his way to where Mary Joe's curvy body stood in the lunch line. She wasn't fat but she wasn't skinny either.

"Let me barrow three bucks," she said without even taking a glance at Drew.

Four rather good looking freshmen girls walked by and Drew gave them his charming smile. They all blushed and started at each other talking all at once. Drew laughed at how they didn't even know him and yet they couldn't get enough of him. At the sound of giggling girls Mary Joe looked over and gave an exasperated sigh. But she herself put on her seductive smile when John Clover walked by and winked at her. She was the kind of girl who was boy crazy for any guy with a nice pack of abs and clean hair. Most boys had a thing for her (mostly for her curves) but she was usually to rough for them.

Drew came back to reality and remembered why he had rushed straight to Mary Joe.

"Where is Asia?" He said it quickly and sternly without losing eye contact with Mary Joe.
M. J. was taken aback at the sudden change of Drews emotion. She gave him a curious but amused look and then replied smartly,
"probably making out with her lip gloss. She loves that stuff too damn much."
M. J. laughed at the thought of her friend making out with herself. Drew just rolled his big beautiful hazelnut eyes and shook his head to get his sandy blonde hair out of his face.

"Let me have three bucks," M. J. said annoyed.

"Fine. Don't be such a bitch."

Drew shoved the three dollars at M. J. and trudged away from her in a blackened mood. It was rare for Drew to cuss, so when he did they knew that he was serious.

"Jesus! It started off with Liz, then went to Asia, and now Drew! What the hell is going on with everyone? When did it become fucking national PMS day?"

M. J. shook her head in pure frustration at her emotional friends while she bought herself a chocolate chip cookie, cheese pizza, a apple cranberry Snapple, and a Slim Jim. She then strutted off to find her other emotional wreck of a friend who was now no longer a sobbing mess but very downhearted.

Drew found Kit and gave him a friendly punch in the shoulder. They didn't really talk to each other but since they were both part of the "popular" crowd they respected each other.

" What up Drew," Kit said while checking out a cute red head walking by.

"Nothing. Have you seen Asia?" Kit turned his attention back to Drew slightly curious now.

"Na. She's usually with M. J, Elizabeth or you," there was a moment of hesitation before he continued, "Why?" he lifted his eyebrow, "Can't you find her?"

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