Some of them swear and take His name in vain,

Others sit down and give up with a sob.

But all this emotional and spiritual pain

Is just a reminder of my continuous job.

The enemy is busily and fervently at work;

He spreads his darkness and death everywhere.

And I have an obligation I must not shirk;

To reach the lost with God's love and care.

The world where we live is a very dark place,

And I've been appointed to be a light.

Sinners must see God's mercy and grace,

And it's up to me to show them what's right.

Do I take any joy that the wicked should perish?

No, but rather they turn from their sin.

God only wants them to love and to cherish,

But they have no idea of the darkness they're in.

For if I share but they do not heed,

Then the fault will be their's not mine.

But if I fail to tell them what they need,

Then I've earned the wrath divine.

Ezekiel was a watchman, and so am I,

A guard against what is wrong.

Reaching the lost before they die,

And through Jesus, standing strong.